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Since 1988, Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc. has been surpassing expectations as a world-class fuel supply company. Founded by Kelly Brett Roberts in Hurst, Texas, Ricochet Fuel has grown into a diversified multi-state fuel logistics company offering a variety of petroleum products, services, and resources to its growing customer base.

Currently headquartered in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Ricochet Fuel has become a single source supplier for all of a company’s fuel needs by delivering millions of gallons of diesel, gasoline, lubricants, biodiesel, and diesel exhaust fluid annually to customers across the United States.

Ricochet Fuel provides fuel solutions for companies in every industry by helping them design and implement an efficient single vendor program to meet their corporate goals. This, combined with our dedication to customer service, has earned us numerous industry awards and long term relationships with our clients. Ricochet Fuel has become the “go to” company for fuel solutions for commercial, industrial, government, and agriculture.

Core Values

Love the Business, Love the People.

Ricochet fuel supply and distribution home office in Dallas and Ft Worth

It’s about sharing passion, pride, and belief in the company, customers, vendors, and our TEAM. Always respect yourself, respect others, and accept responsibility for your actions. Take pride in your workplace and your environment. We are dedicated to creating a work environment which encourages everyone to preserve their quality of life. Working for Ricochet is about taking part in the creation of our success and celebrating our future on both a personal and professional level.

Service Beyond Expectation.

Give people more than they expect, and do it cheerfully. Always under promise and over deliver. Our TEAM anticipates and exceeds customer expectations by building relationships and providing solutions, not just products. Be a resource for products and services we do not provide.

Be the Solution.

Be proactive. Understand the need then seek and provide answers. Get involved. Contribute. Be a great TEAM member. Create useful new ideas. You may very well hold the key to someone else’s dilemma.

Grow Yourself, Grow the Business.

Expect and embrace change; growth cannot occur without change. Retaining a strong, confident TEAM is vital to the success of our business. Ricochet encourages employees to seek both personal and professional training on a regular basis. The company is growing, so our TEAM members must keep growing. “We sell dead dinosaurs – don’t become one!”

Keep it Simple.

Eliminate the head trash. Keep your mind and environment clutter free. Actively seek new and more efficient ways in helping the TEAM accomplish everyday tasks. Ask yourself – is the extra time, extra activity necessary, and does it provide added value?

Quality Fuel. Quality Service

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