Ricochet Fuel offers Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

Ricochet Fuel can meet your on-road diesel needs in a variety of quantities - from small volume purchases to entire truckloads. On-road diesel and other bulk fuel can be delivered to our customers around the clock via bobtail, transport, or wet-hose refueling service.

On Road Diesel supplier in Texas

What is On-Road Diesel?

On-road diesel - also called “highway diesel” - is regular diesel any customer can purchase from a gas station. It is distinct from off-road diesel, or dyed diesel, because the off-road variety is tax exempt and designated for use in construction, agriculture, and several other specific niches.

Whether you have your own on-site tank or need a tank loaned from us, Ricochet Fuel will deliver your on-road diesel where you need it and when you need it!

Want to learn more about diesel options? Read our ABC Guide to On-Road and Off-Road Diesel.

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