Emergency fuel and generator fill in Dallas TX

It is impossible to predict when an emergency will occur. Because of this, Ricochet Fuel has emergency services available to help 24/7.

Our network of suppliers and carriers allows us to respond quickly and safely to the emergency needs of our customers.Ricochet Fuel has won numerous awards for our quick, efficient, and timely response in emergencies or natural disasters.

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Whether it is a hurricane, power outage, flood, tornado, wild fire, or ice storm, emergencies beyond your control can happen at any time – Ricochet Fuel is prepared to help you by:

  • Topping off generators prior to, during, and after emergency
  • Providing emergency tanks and mobile tanks
  • Moving tanks from location to location
  • Providing timely delivery of fuel and alert notifications
  • Electronic tank monitoring


Generator Fuel and emergency fuel in Texas

We’ll care for your emergency generators, so you can care for your customers.

Ricochet Fuel is now implementing a new program to keep you moving during storms, power outages, and more. The Ricochet Fuel Umbrella Program is designed to ensure storm preparedness and restoration.

Check out our brochure by clicking below, or contact us by filling out the form on the left before a storm hits your area and leaves your business in panic.

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