Fuel Card Benefits for Your Fleet

fuel cards for your fleet Fuel cards, also known as fleet cards, are becoming the industry standard nationwide. If you have yet to implement a fuel card program for your team, consider the tough-to-beat benefits listed today by the blog team at Ricochet Fuel, your Dallas-based distributor for fuel services and products.

Top 3 Benefits of Fleet Cards


Track every gallon without leaving your desk. fuel card programs, such as those offered by Ricochet Fuel , offer 24/7 live monitoring. Time profiles track time of day, day of week, and gallons per day while your fleet is out on the road.

Enroll for exception alerts and immediately freeze your account the moment suspicious behavior takes place.

2. Calculate your expenses

Better manage and control fuel consumption with custom reports and detailed invoicing linked to your fuel cards. As an added bonus, minimize the pile of papers on your desk with convenient e-receipts for your company’s entire account.

3. There’s an app for that

Did you know that Ricochet Fuel has an app for fuel card users? The CFN Mobile Locator is the official app for the CFN and FleetWide fueling networks. Readily available for both iPhone and Android, this handy tool uses GPS coordinates to help pinpoint one of 55,000 locations nationwide that accept the popular Fleetwide Fuel Card.

Ricochet Fuel’s fuel cards are secure and convenient, no matter where the job takes you next. Ready to simplify your fleet’s fuel needs? Apply online today .

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