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ricochet fuel distributor in dallas tx Delivering bulk fuel is just the beginning. Did you know Ricochet Fuel also provides oil, antifreeze, lubricants, and supplies in bulk, drums, kegs, pails or cases for jobs of all sizes?

Discover more of what Ricochet Fuel can provide for you and your business in today’s blog post.

Fuel Additives

If you would like to maximize the efficiency of your fuel or avoid common fuel problems, then ask about our extensive list of fuel additives. Ricochet Fuel believes in taking a proactive approach to fuel solutions, and we promise to offer you our best fuel additive advice for your specific tank, dispenser, and fuel type in an easily understandable way.


Whether you are looking for portable tanks, cylinders, or bulk delivery, Ricochet Fuel offers a reliable supply of propane in Dallas , Texas, and throughout the country. You can purchase propane for a variety of different applications that can be delivered by the gallon, in cylinders, or loaned bulk tanks. Ask today about our other propane supplies and services available for loan.

Fuel Pumps

At Ricochet Fuels, we know the ins and outs of fuel pumps. Whether you’re looking for an electric or hand-powered pump, Ricochet Fuel is your one stop to find everything you need. Check with Ricochet Fuel for fuel pump replacement parts, lubricants, and more, and let us educate you on all the current regulations and procedures before you begin.

Interested in hearing more? Check out this webpage for our extended list of available fuel supplies. With a range of supplies, services, and solutions, Ricochet Fuel can easily assist you with all your fuel needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help.

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