2018 Year in Blog Review

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The Ins and Outs of Kerosene
Since winter is one of the more common times of the year to use kerosene, we’d like to share some tips.  As you know, almost all appliances, equipment, machines, and vehicles today operate on electricity, diesel fuel or gasoline.  In winter as well as times of need, don’t forget about kerosene.
5 Advantages of Fuel Delivery for the Refrigeration Industry
Businesses all around the country including growers, producers, manufacturers, beverage companies, and food retailers rely on refrigerated trucks for effective product delivery and food quality. To keep your fleet running and save money at the same time here are the top five reasons you should consider fuel delivery from Ricochet Fuel.
Top 3 Reasons the Delivery Industry Needs Wet-Hosing
Delivery businesses are booming, especially in and around the Dallas Fort Worth area. From food delivery to legal documents, and furniture – every minute counts. The faster you can make a delivery, the more business you’ll have. Since fuel powers the delivery industry, read on to see how you can have gasoline and diesel delivered straight to your trucks, cars and delivery vans.
How Fuel Management Saves Concrete Contractors Big Money
For any concrete contractor – one of their major costs is fuel. With both gasoline and diesel costs constantly fluctuating, planning and conservation is a must. Otherwise, you could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Read on to find out how you can effectively manage your construction equipment fuel usage and labor costs.
Top Benefits of On-Site Fuel Management
If you run a construction company, auto dealership, or transport company, what is the most economical plan for keeping your equipment and vehicles fueled? With on-site fuel management, you can save time and money with on-site fueling, on-site tank storage, or possibly a combination of both. Read on to find out what would be best for your business.
What Are the Top 3 Ways to Get Dyed Diesel?
Off-road diesel fuel, sometimes called dyed and red diesel is used for off-road vehicles only.  It is not designed for vehicles operated on highways that are funded with our taxes. Because of its tax-exempt status, cities and states across the country have special requirements for both fuel distributors and buyers.
3 Pros of Propane for Your Fuel Supply
What are the main benefits of having commercial propane delivered to your business? From contractors, builders, and developers to industrial manufacturers propane delivery can help keep your production moving along. Discover three of our top uses for propane in today’s blog post, compiled by the fuel experts at Dallas-based fuel service provider, Ricochet Fuel.
Fuel Card Benefits for Your Fleet
Fuel cards, also known as fleet cards, are becoming the industry standard nationwide for both large and small businesses. Plus, fleet cards are an excellent alternative, if your company doesn’t allow bulk fuel delivery. If you have yet to implement a fuel card program, consider the tough-to-beat benefits listed today by the blog team at Ricochet Fuel, your Dallas-based distributor for fuel services and products.
An ABC Guide to On-Road and Off-Road Diesel
What’s the difference between on-road and off-road diesel? And, how do you choose the best for your fleet or upcoming construction project? Find out in today’s informative ABC guide, provided by the fuel experts at your premier fuel distribution company, Ricochet Fuel.
How to Work with Your Bulk Fuel Provider After the Hurricane
The hurricane is over. Now recovery begins. Since businesses can’t survive without fuel, it’s important to review how your company did in regards to your bulk fuel needs.
The Hurricane Is Coming – Is Your Business Ready?
You’ve been watching the news, and the hurricane is definitely on its way. The one thing you don’t want to run out of is bulk fuel. Be ready and prepare by following the below advice.
Five Steps for Bulk Fuel Hurricane Preparedness
Hurricane preparedness is crucial with hurricane season upon us. If you’re in Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Florida, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Massachusetts, or Maryland, it’s vital to have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place designed explicitly for fueling.
What You Need to Know About Bulk Fuel Tank Testing
Regularly scheduled bulk fuel tank testing should be part of your routine maintenance. Taking proper care of your above ground storage tanks keeps your fleet and equipment safe from contaminants. Most importantly, bulk storage container inspection minimizes the risk of tank failure. Knowing how to avoid an expensive hazardous clean-up is vital.
Dyed Diesel Fuel vs. Regular Diesel – What’s the Difference?
Did you know there are three different types of diesel? Discover what they are and their different uses in our latest blog.
How Much Cheaper is Texas Dyed Diesel?
The answer is pretty simple. Texas dyed diesel is cheaper because it is not subject to state and federal excise taxes. Regular diesel sold for vehicles used on public roads has state and federal taxes. So, diesel for your truck, car, or SUV would cost more than for your excavator or dozer.
Fuel Distributor Wins Oncor Omnis Award for Excellence
Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc. and its founder, Kelly Roberts, were honored recently with the prestigious Oncor Omnis Supplier Award for Excellence. Held on March 27 th at Eddie Deen’s Ranch in Dallas, TX, Ricochet was one of a select few companies in attendance to be acknowledged at this awards luncheon.
Save Time and Money with a Job Site Fuel Project Manager
Construction companies that use an off-site fuel project manager save money. The reason is, they have an easier time keeping their fuel bills within budget. That is especially important when you have large crews. Controlling fuel costs can make a difference. It could mean coming in on budget or losing money.
10 Tips on Finding the Best Bulk Fuel Provider
Read our blog to discover the 5 things to look for and 5 things to avoid in your bulk fuel supplier.

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