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    An ABC Guide to On-Road and Off-Road Diesel

    What’s the difference between on-road and off-road diesel? When is it legal to use dyed-diesel fuel? And, how do you make the right decision for your fleet or upcoming construction project? Discover everything you need to know in this informative guide, provided by the fuel experts at your premier fuel distribution company Ricochet Fuel. Off-Road […]

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    Frequently Asked Dyed Diesel Questions #2

    At Ricochet Fuel, we get dozens of questions about dyed diesel, and we’ve written several posts about this off-road fuel. We thought it would be helpful to answer some of the most recent questions. 1.   Is Dyed Diesel Bad For Your Truck? No, this diesel is fine for your truck. The main difference isn’t in […]

  • How to Know If There’s Water in Your Diesel Fuel

    Anyone working with diesel fuel, from contractors and landscapers to delivery businesses and auto dealerships, understands that dealing with water problems is an ongoing issue. That’s the case whether you store it for long periods or not. When water gets into diesel fuel systems, you’re in for trouble. Water contamination wreaks havoc on this type […]

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    Ricochet Fuel 2019 Blog Year in Review #1-#5

    We don’t know about you, but Ricochet Fuel is ready to hit the ground running with the arrival of 2020! We will continue to post great, informative content on our website and bring it straight to you. Before we jump into 2020, let’s look back on the top 10 visited blogs we posted in 2019! […]

  • Top 6 BIG Advantages of Bulk Fuel Delivery for You

    No matter what business you’re in – construction, landscaping, delivery, refrigeration, or auto dealerships – keeping your fleet on the road and your equipment operating is the top priority.  While some companies still rely on retail fuel, there are some significant advantages of bulk fueling that are too important to your bottom line to ignore. […]

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    How to Store Generator Fuel – The Right Way

    No matter what industry you’re in from Construction, Concrete, and Landscaping to Delivery, and Refrigeration if you have standby generators, it’s vital to keep them in operating condition. The last thing you want in a power outage is to have your generator fail to start. Read on to learn our top tips on fuel storage. Best […]

  • Winterizing Your Diesel Fuel System

    Brrr, it’s cold! Here at Ricochet Fuel’s corporate office in Texas, we’re getting quite a few calls asking us for a diesel fuel winterizing additive. Read on to find out how to keep running during the winter and ways to protect your vehicles and equipment from the elements. Freezing Temperatures & Diesel Fuel Problems Diesel […]

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    All About Dyed Diesel – An A to Z Guide

    At Ricochet Fuel, we get a lot of questions about the off-road fuel called dyed diesel – also known as red diesel. This A to Z guide ties together our earlier articles and includes information from government resources to help you understand the system and avoid penalties. Here are our previous helpful and resourceful blogs: […]

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    Fuel Delivery for Landscaping Businesses

    The reputation of landscaping companies all around the country depends on reliable servicing. Receiving excellent service on time is especially important to large accounts such as golf courses, government properties, and big estates. To be the best landscaping company in your market, the key is keeping your fleet running on time while saving money.  Here […]

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    Supplying Dyed Diesel for NA’s Largest Crawler Crane

    Obsessed with Mega Machines? Meet the Manitowoc 31000! Texas Ranger’s fans are anxiously awaiting the opening of their new stadium in Arlington, but you don’t have to wait until opening day in 2020 for jaw-dropping excitement. Baseball fans and non-baseball fans alike are discovering the Manitowoc 31000, the world’s largest crawler crane and a surefire […]