• fuel savings

    False Tips About Saving Money on Fuel

    Who doesn’t like saving money? And when it comes to fuel savings, many businesses want to cut their costs as much as possible. That’s probably why there are so many misconceptions about what will save you money on fuel costs. And it’s not surprising that some of the most common questions we get are about […]

  • bulk fuel tanks

    Costs & Liabilities of Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks

    If you have a large company with a fleet of vehicles or big machines and equipment, having bulk fuel tanks can save you time and money. But, having onsite containers are not without their downsides. Read on to find out everything you need to know, including the costs and liabilities to consider. What Expenses Come […]

  • 5 Facts To Know About Fuel Tanks & Fuel Cubes

    Having fuel tanks and fuel cubes for your business is an efficient way to save time and money on your fuel costs. And to make sure you get the most out of them, it’s essential to follow best practices. Read on to discover the dos and don’ts you need to know. 1. Fuel Storage & […]

  • diesel exhaust fluid

    Diesel Exhaust Fluid Explained

    If you’re new to having a diesel truck or heavy equipment, there’s a critical additive you need to know about. It’s called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). This additive is also called aqueous urea solution 32% or AUS 32. It’s made from 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. Read on to find out everything you need […]

  • on road diesel supplier

    An ABC Guide to On-Road and Off-Road Diesel

    What’s the difference between on-road and off-road diesel? When is it legal to use dyed-diesel fuel? And, how do you make the right decision for your fleet or upcoming construction project? Discover everything you need to know in this informative guide, provided by the fuel experts at your premier fuel distribution company Ricochet Fuel. Off-Road […]

  • Remote fuel monitors for social distancing

    The Advantages Of Remote Fuel Monitors During The Pandemic

    The unexpected and rapid onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses across countless industries to make some quick changes. A global economic shutdown, coupled with stay-at-home orders, have led to a major shift in our day to day life. Since many businesses depend on transporting goods, owners, and team members need to find […]

  • Yard tanks during pandemic

    How Yard Tanks Can Help Your Company During The Pandemic

    Have you ever thought of adding a yard tank or an on-site fuel tank to your business, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet? There are a lot of advantages, especially now dealing with COVID-19. Read on to learn more about the benefits of on-site fuel tanks and how installing one can save you money and […]

  • 7 Significant Advantages of Fuel Tank Rentals

    There are many good reasons why businesses might prefer to rent a bulk fuel tank rather than buying one. Maybe they want to avoid long-term commitments, or sometimes they prefer to try out a vendor first, and then there’s always cash flow considerations. Read on to find out more so you can decide whether fuel […]

  • hurricane readiness

    6 Unique Hurricane Preparedness Tips

    Hurricane season is here again. And even those of us who have decades of experience dealing with this occurrence can learn a thing or two on how to keep your business, friends, and family safe and prepared during disasters. VPN Being safe online is vital, especially when disaster strikes. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) makes […]

  • construction industry bulk fuel

    Frequently Asked Dyed Diesel Questions #2

    At Ricochet Fuel, we get dozens of questions about dyed diesel, and we’ve written several posts about this off-road fuel. We thought it would be helpful to answer some of the most recent questions. 1.   Is Dyed Diesel Bad For Your Truck? No, this diesel is fine for your truck. The main difference isn’t in […]