An ABC Guide to On-Road and Off-Road Diesel

on road diesel supplier

on road diesel supplierWhat’s the difference between on-road and off-road diesel? And, how do you choose the best for your fleet or upcoming construction project? Find out in today’s informative ABC guide, provided by the fuel experts at your premier fuel distribution company, Ricochet Fuel.

Affordability: Off-Road Diesel is More Affordable Than On-Road

One of the most significant differences between on-road and off-road diesel is off-road diesel isn’t taxed, so it is cheaper than on-road diesel. Plus, in Texas, there are no state or federal excise taxes. Because of that, off-road diesel (often called alternative fuel) can cost about $0.25 less a gallon.

But, before you get excited about these savings, you should know that using off-road diesel in the everyday vehicle you drive on the road and highways is illegal. That’s why the fuel is dyed red. It’s easy for you, and law officials to tell the difference between the two. And since this dye can be detected in minute quantities, even using it a few times when you shouldn’t, can get you into trouble if you’re caught. Depending on the state and the circumstances, fines for improperly using red diesel can start at $1,000 and go to over $10,000.

However, in the case of emergencies, such as hurricanes and other natural disasters, using off-road diesel in your regular vehicle might be your only choice.

Bonded Users: Make Sure You Fill Out the Proper Forms

Off-road diesel, or “dyed diesel”, is most commonly used for generators, heavy construction, or farm equipment. If you have a large fleet of off-road vehicles and equipment like –

  • Backhoe Loaderson road and off road diesel
  • Skid-Steer Loaders
  • Crawler Loaders
  • Motor Graders
  • Excavators
  • Scrapers
  • Bulldozers
  • Trenchers

Legally, off-road vehicles and equipment like we listed above are referred to as “unlicensed.” And, technically, any unlicensed vehicle you own such as your pickup truck that you only drive off-road can legally use dyed diesel.You can save a truckload of cash over the span of a year by using non-road diesel.

But remember, all off-road diesel users must complete some paperwork to become an authorized user. Ricochet Fuel provides all the forms you’ll need to complete. If you have a large-scale project that requires 10,000 gallons or more, there are some additional required forms to complete to become a Bonded User.

Careful Sourcing is Important To Stay Legal

The biggest thing you need-to-know regarding these two types of fuel is that sourcing matters. It’s important to make sure you’re dealing with a legal and reputable fuel provider. Since off-road is the same substance as on-road diesel, only dyed, the lower price is tempting, for both you and retailers alike. Removing dye from dyed diesel is a criminal offense and not worth it given the hefty fines.

Ensure you’re getting the highest-quality fuel for your fleet or your next project by shopping at a source you trust. Ricochet Fuel is your premier fuel distribution company located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We service Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. We specialize in servicing construction, auto dealerships, fleets, and power generation. We would be happy to talk to you about your fuel needs. With over 30 years of experience, we’re prepped to handle your off-road and on-road diesel needs. Contact us today for more information.

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What You Need To Know About Bulk Fuel Tank Testing

Regularly scheduled bulk fuel tank testing should be part of your routine maintenance. Taking proper care of your above ground storage tanks keeps your fleet and equipment safe from contaminants.

Most importantly, bulk storage container inspection minimizes the risk of tank failure. Knowing how to avoid an expensive hazardous clean-up is vital.

The key is to have a specific plan, schedule, and procedure . Surprisingly, the government does not state how often you need to test your tanks. So, understanding more about what’s involved will help you determine the best fuel testing plan for your company.

The Importance of Planned Fuel Storage Tank Testing

First of all, proper fuel storage tank maintenance consists of two primary tests:

#1 Fuel Sample Test – the first thing to check for is water in the tank. Over time, water can decrease the power of any motor. That is because of the biodegradation of the fuel. Loss of engine power is especially serious and dangerous when dealing with big machinery.

And, when not discovered in time, water and contaminants can cause complete engine failure. So, if you’re a construction company running bulldozers, dump trucks, backhoes, graders, and trenchers, regular fuel testing is imperative.

Additionally, since water is heavier than fuel, it will sink to the bottom of the bulk storage container. That will cause microbes to grow inside and rust the tank.

#2 Integrity Fuel Tank Storage Test – This starts with visual inspections (which should be ongoing). And, different storage tank sizes have different requirements. The Environmental Protection Agency states:

“The SPCC rule requires that you:

  • Test or inspect each container for integrity on a regular schedule and whenever you make material repairs; and
  • Frequently inspect the outside of the container for signs of deterioration, discharges, or accumulation of oil inside diked areas. This visual inspection is intended to be a routine walk-around and includes the container’s supports and foundations.
  • Identify in your SPCC Plan the type and frequency of testing and inspection for each container and the appropriate qualifications of personnel performing the tests and inspections. You must retain testing and inspection records for 3 years. EPA recommends that formal test records or reports be retained for the life of the container. “

How To Avoid Expensive Above Ground Tank Leaks

Planned and consistent visual integrity tank testing can help you avoid above ground leaks. That one practice alone can catch a small problem before it becomes dangerous or costly. This type of visual examination can often be done by trained personnel at your facility.

But, when it comes to the government required inspections, that’s when you’ll need to hire experts . Along with the testing, Ricochet Fuel uses advanced technology for cleaning and repairing the tanks. That helps keep your community, staff and the environment safe.

Government Regulations on Bulk Storage Container Testing

bulk fuel reporting and monitoring The Environmental Protection Agency states:

“Regularly scheduled inspections, evaluations, and testing of bulk oil storage containers by qualified personnel are critical parts of discharge prevention.” You can find more information by reading the Bulk Storage Container Inspection Fact Sheet

Let Ricochet Fuel Keep Your Fleet Safe and Running Great

Since 1988, Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc. has been supplying bulk fuel. We service Texas and the surrounding states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. We’d like to make you one of our satisfied customers too. For your bulk fuel tank testing, cleaning and repair contact Ricochet Fuel today.

Dyed Diesel Fuel vs. Regular Diesel – What’s the Difference?

mobile fueling of off road dieselDid you know there are three types of diesel fuel ?

Off-road Diesel : doesn’t have state and federal taxes. But, it does contain more sulfur. Sometimes it’s called red-dyed diesel, alternative fuel, red fuel, off-highway diesel, or farm diesel. And, it’s not intended to be used for vehicles driven on the road. Red dye is only for use off-road. For example: in construction red dye fuel would be used for heavy equipment like

  • Cranes
  • Earth movers
  • Caterpillars
  • Loaders
  • Backhoes
  • Excavators
  • Compactors
  • Trenchers
  • Cranes
  • Rollers
  • Scrapers
  • Forklifts

Truck Diesel : This is what long-haul truckers use. In some states, the pumps have a “tax-exempt” label on the pump. In that case, to gas up, you need a valid tax certificate posted on the vehicle you’re fueling. Otherwise, you can get a big fine. Also, the truck nozzles are larger and will fill faster. Sometimes it’s too quick for smaller tanks. The fuel itself is the same as automobile diesel.

Automobile Diesel : This fuel is for cars, SUVs, and regular trucks. Automobile diesel is the same as truck diesel, but the pump nozzles are not as big. And, sometimes the “automobile diesel” is priced higher than truck diesel. But, remember – to use the “truck diesel” you may need a tax-exempt permit.

Check out this video “ Off-road diesel, truck diesel, automobile diesel .” Starting at 1:00 into the video, you’ll see what red diesel looks like.

Can I use dyed diesel in my truck?

Legally no. And that’s the reason for the red dye. The color is detectable at extremely low levels. If you’re caught using off-road diesel on-road, you better get ready for a hefty fine. Other than the appearance and higher sulfur content, red fuel isn’t any different from regular diesel.

What’s the difference in red and green diesel fuel?

Besides the color, these two fuels have many similarities .

  • Red – used for off-road. Mainly for construction and farming. Because it’s tax-free, it’s dyed red for easy detection.
  • Green – it’s not really the color green. The green diesel is clear like regular diesel. It’s called green because it’s eco-friendly and renewable.

Where Can You Find Dyed Diesel Fuel?

Ricochet Fuel has provided off-road diesel delivery for almost 30 years. We service Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, and 9 other states with fuel cards available nationwide. We specialize in servicing construction, auto dealerships, fleets, and power generation. We would be happy to talk to you about your fuel needs. Call us today.

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How Much Cheaper is Texas Dyed Diesel?

bulk dyed diesel for construction sites in Texas

It depends. For one vehicle, it might not make that much difference over a month. But, if you have a fleet of off-road construction equipment, the savings can be substantial.

Why is Texas Dyed Diesel Cheaper?

The answer is pretty simple. Texas dyed diesel is cheaper because it is not subject to state and federal excise taxes .

Regular diesel sold for vehicles used on public roads has state and federal taxes. So, diesel for your truck, car, or SUV would cost more than for your excavator or dozer. You can find out more about dyed diesel fuel tax in Texas from the Comptrollers website.

You may have heard dyed diesel called by these other names:

  • off-road diesel
  • off-highway diesel
  • red fuel
  • red diesel
  • alternative fuel

What is Texas Dyed Diesel Used For?

The Texas Comptroller’s Dyed Diesels Fuel end-user application has all the information you need. It specifically goes over the use of dyed diesel for non-agricultural and agricultural use:

Dyed diesel for “non-agricultural authorizes the tax-free purchase of only dyed diesel fuel for use in off-highway equipment operated in Texas for non-agricultural purposes. Non-agricultural purposes include diesel fuel used by construction companies (road, commercial buildings or residential), manufacturers (forklifts, loaders, welding machines, space heaters or generators), commercial trucking companies or excavating companies (land clearing or mowing services). Non-agricultural also consists of agricultural cooperatives, associations, cotton gins, farm supply stores, tractor supply stores, feed stores or veterinary services.”

Dyed diesel “for agricultural users authorizes the tax-free purchase of only dyed diesel fuel for exclusive use in agricultural off-highway equipment operated in Texas, such as a tractor or combine, on a farm or ranch. A farm or ranch is one or more tracts of land used, either in whole or in part, in the production of crops, livestock and/or other agricultural products held for sale in the regular course of business. A feed lot, livestock auction facility, dairy farm, poultry farm, commercial orchard, commercial nursery, timber operation or similar commercial agricultural operation is a farm or ranch. Timber operations include the production of timber including land preparation, planting, maintenance and gathering of trees commonly grown for commercial timber.”

Source: “Texas Dyed Diesel Fuel End User Signed Statement Number Registration” 2018.

How to buy dyed diesel in Texas

The ins and outs of purchasing red diesel can be complicated. But there are three necessary things you have to do:

1. Make sure you qualify. Here are the dyed diesel fuel regulations Texas

2. Fill out the forms – make sure you keep copies of everything

3. Choose fuel with the right specifications

Where can you find off-road diesel?

For almost 30 years, Ricochet Fuel has provided off-road diesel delivery, and our diesel fuel SDS shows our quality. We offer customized services to all industries, especially construction. Call us today about the delivery of dyed diesel fuel directly to your site.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid 101

Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Dallas and Fort Worth Ricochet Fuel provides diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) in a variety of quantities for fleets of all sizes. What is DEF and how can you make sure you’re utilizing this convenient Dallas-Fort Worth service?

Find need-to-know diesel exhaust tips in today’s blog post from the experts at Ricochet Fuel .

DEF explained

Understanding DEF starts with understanding Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).

SCR is currently the most effective option on the market for dissolving dirty gases and particles that are released via your truck’s diesel exhaust. Though the technology has been around for decades, in 2010, SCR systems became a national requirement for all new diesel models.

For SCR to work, a single liquid-reductant agent is necessary: Diesel exhaust fluid. DEF, a combination of synthetic, vehicle-grade urea and de-ionized water, is injected into your truck’s exhaust stream. Here, it breaks down harmful emissions into non-hazardous nitrogen and water, reducing emissions by up to 90%.

How DEF impacts your fleet

If you are new to SCR and DEF vehicles, you probably have questions: How often will I have to refill the DEF? Where can I find DEF near me? What is the price of DEF?

Here are three quick-and-easy answers to your top three DEF questions:

1. 2.5 gallons of DEF will last approximately 800 miles on the road. All new vehicles are equipped with gauges and/or lights to alert you when DEF is low. If DEF is not replaced, an emergency light will be triggered, and engine speed will be reduced to as little as five miles per hour.

2. Finding the liquid in the DFW area is simple: DEF is available at the pump at Ricochet Fuel’s Euless location, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. In addition, Ricochet Fuel offers 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums and 330 gallon totes, and for even larger jobs, loaned bulk tanks with electric dispensers.

DEF is nontoxic. That means that once you have the liquid on hand, you, or any of your fleet’s drivers, can readily replace DEF, as needed. No time to stop? Ricochet Fuel offers wet hosing services to keep your team moving when it counts.

3. Price varies on the quality and quantity of DEF you need to cover your fleet. Ricochet Fuel today to learn more about pricing options.

Diesel exhaust fluid tips

  • If you are storing containers of DEF, for maximum shelf life, keep temperatures between 40 and 80 degrees. With proper storage, DEF can last for up to two years.
  • Don’t worry about extreme heat or cold. DEF will not freeze in your vehicle and won’t dissolve in heat unless exposed to extreme heat for years in a row.
  • Find a source you trust. Just like any type of fuel, DEF has clear industry requirements. As the number of vehicles requiring DEF continues to grow, unlicensed sellers will continue to try to skirt regulations. Don’t be hoaxed by market-cutting low prices. Instead, buy DEF that’s safe and effective.

Your source for DEF

For all your DEF needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Ricochet Fuel offers pumps, nozzles, meters and more, as well as convenient pick-up and delivery options.

With 30 years of providing fuel solutions for companies nationwide, Ricochet Fuel is your top-rated fuel distribution company for DEF. For more information, contact Ricochet Fuel today .

Dyed Diesel Requirements in Texas

buy dyed diesel in dallas, tx from Ricochet Fuel Dyed diesel is a no-brainer for off-roaders who want to save cash. As rules and regulations continue to shift, finding and responsibly using red-dyed diesel in Texas may seem overwhelming.

To start: Don’t let the red tape intimidate you. If you drive an off-road vehicle, the very real financial perks of dyed diesel make it worth the extra steps.

Dyed Diesel 101

The price you pay for fuel includes taxes used for road maintenance and upkeep. Why does this matter? Dyed diesel is intended for off-road vehicles that do not need to be taxed because they are not using tax-funded roads. Red dye is added to clearly differentiate if the fuel is taxed or untaxed. Otherwise, the fuels are the same.

The lower price of red dyed diesel is understandably enticing for consumers. That’s why states, including Texas, have extra requirements for both sellers and buyers. These checkmarks ensure that drivers don’t try to avoid taxes by using the cheaper fuel in on-road vehicles.

Get Dyed Diesel Delivered to Your Yard or Jobsite

3 Rules to Red-Dyed Diesel

Follow these three simple guidelines to guarantee you meet Texas regulations to use dyed diesel:

1. Ensure you fit the bill

Dyed diesel fuel is only meant for construction equipment, generators, reefers or refrigerators, and agricultural equipment.

From losing your job to being charged sky-high fines, there are ample reasons you should not risk using red dyed-fuel in anything but your off-road vehicle.

2. Fill out the proper forms

There are three main forms you may be asked to complete if you purchase dyed diesel:

  1. All first-time users must complete a simple registration form .
  1. You also may be asked to put into writing that you understand, as the buyer, that the red diesel you are purchasing is strictly for off-road purposes.

And for regular dyed-diesel users:

  1. If you use more than 10,000 gallons of dyed diesel, you must complete paperwork to become a Bonded User .

Order Off Road Diesel Today!

3. Choose only the best

Texas law requires dyed diesel fuel to meet certain specifications. These include everything from the type of dye to how it is injected into the fuel.

Why does this mean for you? These requirements are in place to ensure the consumer receives the high-quality fuel they have paid for. Dyed diesel that’s been tampered with is dangerous to both your wallet and your vehicle. It’s also illegal. Avoid an unwanted situation by choosing to buy dyed diesel fuel from a source that you trust.

For nearly 30 years, Ricochet Fuel has prided itself by exceeding expectations through superior fuel services customizable to any industry. Ricochet Fuel offers ultra-low sulfur off-road diesel fuel , delivered directly to your site.

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