• emergency generator

    How to Store Generator Fuel – The Right Way

    No matter what industry you’re in from Construction, Concrete, and Landscaping to Delivery, and Refrigeration if you have standby generators, it’s vital to keep them in operating condition. The last thing you want in a power outage is to have your generator fail to start. Read on to learn our top tips on fuel storage. Best […]

  • Winterizing Your Diesel Fuel System

    Brrr, it’s cold! Here at Ricochet Fuel’s corporate office in Texas, we’re getting quite a few calls asking us for a diesel fuel winterizing additive. Read on to find out how to keep running during the winter and ways to protect your vehicles and equipment from the elements. Freezing Temperatures & Diesel Fuel Problems Diesel […]

  • Bulk Fuel Loaner Tanks Can Save You Time

    If you own a construction company, run a farm, or have a fleet of vehicles, you know how vital fueling is. Running out of fuel can mean losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day. Refueling off-site takes time and costs you extra wages when your employees have to leave the site or yard […]

  • dyed diesel vs regular diesel

    Dyed Diesel – Frequently Asked Questions

    At Ricochet Fuel Distributors, we get questions about dyed diesel almost every day. That’s probably because people want to save money on their fuel costs. But they don’t want to get in trouble. So, that’s where the confusion begins. Let’s start with our most common questions.    Green Diesel – When Do You Use It? […]

  • one-time fueling for contractors

    Don’t Need a Long Term Fuel Supply? One-Time Fueling Purchases

    When you think of bulk fueling, you probably get the idea of fuel delivered on a schedule and that your business has to be of a specific size. Well, although that can be true – what you might not know about is Ricochet Fuel’s one-time or no commitment fuel purchases. Read on to find out […]

  • fuelcube for yards and job sites

    FuelCubes: All-In-One Fuel Storage Solution

    Do you run a construction company, job site, or a business with a fleet of vehicles? If so, FuelCubes could be a valuable resource for your fuel-reliant business and its particular needs. They’re not only a time-saving convenience for busy contractors, but they’re also a way of dealing with weather emergencies and costly security issues. […]

  • Ricochet Fuel Distributors

    What’s Included When Using Ricochet Fuel for Your Bulk Fuel Needs

    Fuel is essential to many companies across many different industries. With over 30 years as a premier bulk fuel supplier, Ricochet Fuel focuses on servicing the needs of companies in Texas and sixteen other US states. There are many good reasons and “no charge” additions to use Ricochet for your bulk fuel. If you’re looking […]

  • Dyed Diesel Delivered

    All About Dyed Diesel – An A to Z Guide

    At Ricochet Fuel, we get a lot of questions about the off-road fuel called dyed diesel – also known as red diesel. This A to Z guide ties together our earlier articles and includes information from government resources to help you understand the system and avoid penalties. Here are our previous helpful and resourceful blogs: […]

  • Newsmakers – Cass Powell, VP of Operations

    Check out this great article from Women’s Enterprise magazine featuring Ricochet Fuel’s VP of Operations – Cass Powell. Newsmakers – Cass Powell, VP of Operations  

  • Save time wit fleet fuel management

    The Top Three Benefits of Fleet Fuel Delivery

    Running a business can be a challenge, and things don’t always go as planned. Being proactive is crucial to success, and anything that helps you solve problems is indispensable. Fleet fuel delivery is like that. Here are the top three benefits of fleet fuel delivery and why so many businesses count on it to run […]