2017 Year in Review – Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc.

2017 Year in Review – Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc.
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As the year comes to an end, your premier bulk fuel distributor, Ricochet Fuel, would like to take a moment and reflect on some of the great moments, the team members, customers, and vendors that made 2017 a year to remember.

2017 Women’s Business Enterprise of the Year

Wow! What a way to kick off 2017! Ricochet Fuel was honored to be named 2017 Women’s Business Enterprise of the Year by the Women’s Business Council – Southwest (WBCS). This award recognizes a woman-owned business that exemplifies outstanding business acumen, industry leadership, community service, and a commitment to doing business with fellow WBEs.

“The award is a huge honor and we appreciate all the contributions from our employees, vendors, and great customers. The WBCS is a huge contributor to the strength of our company,” said Kelly Roberts, owner of Ricochet Fuel.

Ricochet Fuel may have received the award, but we could not have been in the running for it without amazing employees, vendors, and customers. Thank you!

Hurricane Season

“Tough times don’t last; tough people do” – said by someone who worked in theTexas fuel industry during Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard and sent most of Texas scrambling for fuel. The entire state of Texas, and beyond, experienced severe fuel shortages when the Gulf Coast refineries shut down due to the hurricane. Texas supply was nonexistent for several days, and once some of the refineries started up, they had trouble regaining full capacity. Transportation of fuel was overwhelmed due to rationed supply and long wait times. Every truck was running at maximum capacity and still the delivery system was heavily stressed.

Again, Ricochet must thank the “all hands-on deck” mentality of our employees, the “willingness to jump through hoops” of our vendors, and the understanding and patience of our customers that helped us get through that trying time.

Team Events

Ricochet Fuel had some new, interesting, and FUN events at the office during 2017.

Because we recorded an unprecedented number of tanks delivered this past June, we celebrated the momentous occasion (and kept it tank related) with our first ever Dunk-Tank-A-Palooza! Employees were given three attempts to sink management and sales team members. Along with the dunk tank fun, employees enjoyed pizza and snow cones.

For many years, Ricochet has taken a break from fuel with A Night at the Races at Lonestar Park. This year we upped the stakes with a team-building contest. Each department – Admin, Ops, and Sales – were given supplies to build a “horse” soap box derby to race down the parking lot hill. Excitement, hijinks, and some betting ensued, but in the end, it was our Ops team that reigned supreme.

Looking Ahead

2018 is a special year – Ricochet Fuel celebrates its 30 th anniversary. Hard to believe we have been doing this for so long, but with amazing team members, outstanding vendors, and great customers, we will be doing it for another 30 years!

Thank you and see you in 2018!

Diesel Essentials for Winter

Winter diesel tips Its been a year since you’ve prepped your fleet for winter, and Ricochet Fuel knows it is easy to overlook proper diesel procedures for cold weather. Today’s post offers a quick and helpful reminder to ensure your diesel vehicle is Ricochet-ready for winter temperatures.

Invest in blended fuel

Gelled equipment is an unwanted discovery any day, let alone a frigid winter morning. Gelling occurs when standard diesel falls at about 15 degrees, although you will likely notice a change in fuel quality already at 20 degrees. Once fuel is gelled, it clogs your truck’s entire fuel system, preventing fuel flow.

Keep your fleet moving by investing in winter-ready diesel. Blended fuels, such as Diesel No. 1 and 2, or anti-gel fuel additivities, combined with Diesel No. 2 during fueling, are key to ensuring proper lubrication during winter. These types of diesel can be used year-round in your vehicle(s). In addition, keep snow away from your tank, and top off your tank daily to prevent condensation.

Use a block heater

A block heater warms the engine, warming and thinning the oil to promote lubrication. Block heaters are common, but so too is forgetting to check that they’re working before the extreme cold arrives. Use this helpful guide to check your block heater today.

Winterize your vehicle

The cold temps can be challenging for more than diesel. Check vehicle seals, windows and doors to ensure your cab is ready for the cold. Give special attention to your fleet’s electrical system, testing your battery, inventing in a second back-up battery, and potentially even scheduling a preseason maintenance check with your dealer for your fleet.

Are you ready for colder temps? Check in with the specialists at Ricochet Fuel to ensure your team is prepared for winter. For more information about diesel and other fuel services, contact Ricochet Fuel today .

Our Fuel Cards Make Your Roadways Safer

Our Fuel Cards Make Your Roadways Safer

At Ricochet Fuel , we are loud and proud about the way our fuel card system has changed the way hundreds of companies manage and lower their fuel costs. With the Ricochet Fuel Card, you can easily monitor employee fuel usage and be fully aware of when and how company dollars are spent on fuel. Our fuel cards give our customers exclusive access to high-quality bulk fuel and the peace of mind that a safe and secure fuel card system ensures.

Meet Serco

Ricochet Fuel Customers, meet Serco , a provider of professional technology and management services and one of our loyal fuel clients. The company has recently been awarded an impressive new contract to provide support for Safety Service Patrol, part of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Austin District. Under this contract, Serco will aim to minimize the duration of traffic incidents by putting the focus on driver safety.

With the help of Ricochet Fuel , Serco will put a fleet of vehicles on the road to provide roadside assistance in the Austin area. Our fuel cards feature tracking services, custom reporting, and in-depth time profiles that help companies like Serco meet their goals every day. And with additional assistance from our official app, CFN Mobile Locator, drivers can easily locate one of 55,000 locations that accept our popular fuel cards.

Ricochet Fuel’s fuel cards are secure and convenient, no matter where the job takes you next. Apply online today .

Ricochet Fuel = Quality Fuel Distributor

Delivering bulk fuel is just the beginning. Did you know Ricochet Fuel also provides oil, antifreeze, lubricants, and supplies in bulk, drums, kegs, pails or cases for jobs of all sizes?

Discover more of what Ricochet Fuel can provide for you and your business in today’s blog post.

Fuel Additives

If you would like to maximize the efficiency of your fuel or avoid common fuel problems, then ask about our extensive list of fuel additives. Ricochet Fuel believes in taking a proactive approach to fuel solutions, and we promise to offer you our best fuel additive advice for your specific tank, dispenser, and fuel type in an easily understandable way.


Whether you are looking for portable tanks, cylinders, or bulk delivery, Ricochet Fuel offers a reliable supply of propane in Dallas , Texas, and throughout the country. You can purchase propane for a variety of different applications that can be delivered by the gallon, in cylinders, or loaned bulk tanks. Ask today about our other propane supplies and services available for loan.

Fuel Pumps

At Ricochet Fuels, we know the ins and outs of fuel pumps. Whether you’re looking for an electric or hand-powered pump, Ricochet Fuel is your one stop to find everything you need. Check with Ricochet Fuel for fuel pump replacement parts, lubricants, and more, and let us educate you on all the current regulations and procedures before you begin.

Interested in hearing more? Check out this webpage for our extended list of available fuel supplies. With a range of supplies, services, and solutions, Ricochet Fuel can easily assist you with all your fuel needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help.

Top-quality Fuel Tanks at your Convenience

On site tanks in Dallas Fort Worth Top-quality Fuel Tanks at your Convenience

Bring the exceptional quality and convenience of Ricochet Fuel to your home or job site. Ricochet Fuel offers reliable service and top-quality fuel tanks to customers for loan.

Rules for fuel tanks

As you prepare to install your fuel tank, it’s important to be aware of the differences between single and double-walled fuel tanks. This will allow you to best determine which tank is fit for your unique needs.

The SPCC requires…

  1. A secondary containment system to minimize the possibility of an oil leak
  2. Specific regulations regarding the installation and management of the fuel tank. Ricochet Fuel can help you determine these prior to installation.

Single-walled tanks, double-walled tanks, containment pans: What’s the difference?

Due to safety regulations, most single-walled tanks are not permitted without the installation of a secondary containment system. In some cases, a treated concrete building can act as secondary containment for the single-walled tank. Otherwise, a fuel containment pan or tub can be utilized to prevent small oil leaks and sometimes to withstand complete tank failure.

Another option is to purchase a double-walled fuel tank, or simply, a single-walled tank with an additional wall to insure quality leak protection.

Double-walled tanks don’t usually require a fuel containment pan and have the added benefit of excluding rainwater from the containment when installed from the outside. In addition, most double-walled fuel tanks include leak-monitoring provision to warn against any possible breaches or leaks in the tank.

Start with Ricochet Fuel

Ricochet Fuel has been an award-winning provider of bulk fuels, such as off-road diesel, on-road diesel, diesel exhaust fluid, and more, for over 30 years. We loan our temporary fuel tanks to our customers and are happy to help you find the best fuel tank for your unique needs. Ready to get started? Contact Ricochet Fuel today.

Ricochet Fuel Among Dallas’ Largest Women-Owned Businesses

bulk fuel distributor in texas Ricochet Fuel Among Dallas’ Largest Women-Owned Businesses

Your one-stop fuel supplier, Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc., continues to receive recognition for ranking among Dallas’ largest women-owned businesses. Learn more about Ricochet Fuel’s most recent award in today’s blog post.

Low fuel prices no obstacle for Ricochet Fuel

Every year the Dallas Business Journal recognizes the city’s “Top Ten Largest Women-Owned Businesses.” With revenue linked directly to fuel prices, it seemed uncertain whether Ricochet Fuel could make the cut with low fuel prices in 2017.

Despite the odds, the team pulled through: Ricochet Fuel is pleased to be awarded the 10 th largest business by the Dallas Business Journal for 2017.

“Our customers have trusted us with their company’s fuel management and rewarded us with loyalty. During the recent hurricane fuel supply challenge – we were able to thank our customers by providing fuel supply in a near impossible market.”

Your one-stop fuel supplier

With over 30 years industry experience and delivery services to Dallas and beyond, Ricochet Fuel is equipped to solve your fuel needs, no matter how big or small the job. For more information about women-owned Ricochet Fuel, visit our website today.

Fuel for the Storm: Fuel Supply Solutions for Emergencies

Emergency fuel provider in Dallas TX Fuel for the Storm: Fuel Supply Solutions for Emergencies

Did your fuel supplier let you down? Did your company feel abandoned? Hurricane Harvey created serious fuel supply challenges in Houston and statewide. If your company had fuel supply challenges during the storm, find out how Dallas-based Ricochet Fuel can help make a storm-readiness plan for when the next storm hits.

Invest in electronic fuel monitoring

Surviving storm season starts with planning ahead. Top off your generator before the storm hits. Using state-of-the-art electronic monitoring, Ricochet Fuel calculates and monitors your fuel needs year-round.

Fuel delivery to Houston

When your generator or tank is low, fuel can be delivered directly to your company’s door; Ricochet Fuel conveniently delivers to Houston and the surrounding areas. With over 30 years of award-winning industry experience, Ricochet Fuel is equipped to offer your fuel services and fuel solutions to your company, no matter how large or small the job.

Ready for fuel emergencies

The next storm is a matter of ‘when,’ not ‘if.’ Ricochet Fuel is implementing a new program to keep you moving during storms and power outages: The Ricochet Fuel Umbrella Program specializes in both storm preparedness and restoration. From providing emergency tanks to moving tanks from location to location, Ricochet Fuel is ready to help.

Let Ricochet Fuel care for your emergency generators and other fuel-related needs–so you can care for your customers. For more information about Ricochet Fuel’s services, including fuel delivery to Houston and surrounding cities, visit our website today.

What is Biodiesel & Why Do I Need It?

biodiesel supply in dallas tx Dallas-based Ricochet Fuel keeps you moving with fuel options for projects of all types and sizes, including biodiesel fuel .

What is biodiesel, and how might this alternative kick your fleet into high gear? Learn more about this fuel of the future in today’s blog post.

A smart alternative

Instead of petroleum, biodiesel is fuel made from natural oils, like those from plants or animals. This fuel alternative is used by fleets in Dallas and nationwide for three primary reasons:

  1. It burns clean.

Biodiesel production leaves out petroleum, meaning this alternative fuel burns clean, improving air quality and, ultimately, diminishing fuel’s negative impact on the environment.

  1. Energy security matters.

The United States depends on foreign countries for its petroleum, with nearly a quarter of petroleum imported annually. Biodiesel fuel production, meanwhile, occurs domestically, eliminating dependency elsewhere and creating jobs closer to home.

  1. Improve your vehicle’s fuel lubricity.

Biodiesel fuel can improve the fuel lubricity in your truck or car. This lubricity is essential to keep your vehicle from expensive wear and tear.

Find the right blend

Biodiesel is mixed with diesel to create a blend. B2 refers to 2% biodiesel, 5 refers to 5% biodiesel; B10 refers to 10%, and so on.

To start using biodiesel in your fleet, you’ll want to check with your vehicle user manual, and talk to a fuel expert at Ricochet Fuel . Most vehicles readily approve blends up to B5. Older vehicles may require new fuel filters to adapt to the change.

Since biodiesel has recently boomed in popularity, newer vehicles are best equipped for the biodiesel-petroleum mix.

Get started today

Make a smart choice for your fleet, your country, and the environment: Choose biodiesel fuel for a cleaner, more renewable option. To learn more, contact Ricochet Fuel today . With 30 years’ experience, Dallas-based Ricochet Fuel is equipped and ready to customize your biodiesel kit.

Ricochet Fuel – We Aren’t Just Bulk Fuels 24 – 7 – 365

bulk fuel provider in dallas, tx Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc. has been an award-winning provider of bulk fuels such as off-road diesel, on-road diesel, diesel exhaust fluid, and more for over 30 years. Over that time, we have set some high watermarks to measure our growth by, but recently, with our awesome service team, we eclipsed one of those marks.

Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc. recorded an unprecedented number of tanks delivered into the field this past June. Our service team did an amazing job keeping up with demand, delivering on promises, and pushing past any obstacles.

To show the sales team’s and management’s appreciation and to celebrate this momentous occasion (and keep it tank related), Ricochet Fuel celebrated summer with their first ever Dunk-Tank-A-Palooza!

What is Dunk-Tank-A-Palooza?

Ricochet Fuel came up with Dunk-Tank-A-Palooza to let the employees have some fun at the expense of the management and the sales team. With a dunk tank rented from Let’s Jump Party & Event Rentals , all employees got to take their turn with three attempts to sink the participants.

Kelly Roberts, Brian Krallis, Cass Roberts, Sam Brett, and JD Holland all took their turns in the hot seat at the mercy of their fellow coworkers. It seemed like a punishment, but with the day’s extreme heat, they probably had the best seat in the house!

on-site tanks and fuel services Other Festivities

Along with the dunk tank fun, Ricochet made sure to keep their employees happy with food, drinks, and dessert. Pizza from iFratelli was served, adult beverages (along with waters) on ice were provided, and snow cones from Tikiz Shaved Ice kept employees cool. Our great employees reluctantly went back to work but were more prepared to nap instead!

Food, Fun, and, Oh Yeah, Fuel

Ricochet Fuel will be happy to sell you bulk fuels, fuel services, and fuel solutions that meet your business needs – we’ve been doing it for 30 years. But at the end of the day, we like to have fun and appreciate the hard-working employees that have given us the success and longevity that we have had. Ricochet Fuel would not and could not be doing it without them!

How to Prepare Your Generator for an Emergency

Generator fills for emergencies in dallas, tx It is impossible to predict when an emergency will hit. It is possible to prepare. Texas’ premier fuel distribution company, Ricochet Fuel , is fully-equipped for the unexpected with the state-of-the-art Ricochet Fuel Umbrella Program .

When Disaster Strikes

Generators are essential when emergencies occur. Flood, hurricane, wildfire, or ice storm, your generator needs to be ready to run at a moment’s notice.

When left unmonitored, generators are prone to breakdowns. Exposure to harsh conditions, dirty tanks, and low-quality fuel can all increase the likelihood of your generator malfunctioning just when you and your team need it most.

The Ricochet Fuel Umbrella Program provides routine electronic servicing of your generator.

From storm preparedness to post-storm restoration, the program is intentionally comprehensive, allowing you to care for your customers while Ricochet Fuel cares for your generator. That’s emergency preparedness, conquered.

Two Colors, Two Great Programs

Choose between two options when selecting your customized Ricochet Fuel Umbrella Program .

  1. Purple Umbrella
  • An all-inclusive option for forward-thinking business owners seeking a new level of emergency-preparedness.
  • Daily Cellular Tank monitoring
  • Quarterly fuel testing
  • Priority emergency response
  • Money-back guarantee
  1. Green Umbrella
  • An easy choice for companies seeking a reliable emergency preparedness kit
  • Weekly Cellular Tank monitoring
  • Annual fuel testing
  • 48-hour delivery window from time of order
  • Money-back guarantee

In the case of an emergency, both programs utilize Ricochet Fuel’s vast network for fast, reliable emergency response in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

What will tomorrow bring? Before panic hits, make a plan. Start with the Ricochet Fuel Umbrella Program . For more information about our emergency management program or other fuel-related services, visit our website today .