Many of our customers want to track fuel usage by individual user or department. Ricochet Fuel has control systems in place that allow for this type of tracking. Tracking abilities and security options are two important factors when determining a fuel provider.

Rico Data Tracker Features: track fuel usage

  • Touch pad customized entry (by individual, department, vehicle, etc.)
  • Full reporting into Excel via Data Retriever Card
  • Secure pump access
  • Quantity per transaction limits

Ricochet Fuel Management in Dallas and Ft Worth Rico Data Tracker Benefits:

  • No keys to lose or exchange among employees (keys optional on some systems)
  • Customizable controls by employee, vehicle, and/or department
  • Authorized personnel only
  • Customer issues numbers and categorizes to suit his/her needs


Ricochet Fuel provides fuel monitoring by installing electronic tank monitors to remotely monitor fuel usage and inventory levels.

Check out our flyer for a quick overview – Cellular Tank Monitors

These monitors provide our customers with the ability to read inventory levels remotely as well as easy-to-read reports on daily usage from anywhere. If desired, Ricochet Fuel can auto fill your tanks without having to continually place orders.

Fuel monitoring by Ricochet fuel in TexasFeatures:

  • Monitor linked to Ricochet Fuel and to customer
  • Inventory management tracking tools including historical inventory and receipt data
  • Monitor can be set to flag fuel levels
  • Auto fill available
  • Eliminate manpower to manually measure fuel
  • Reduces number of deliveries – only order fuel when needed
  • Email and text message alerts available
  • Ricochet Fuel Cellular Monitoring in Dallas TXLess time managing fuel = More employee productivity
  • Track delivery quantity and fuel level at any time interval
  • Trend usage by period of time

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