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Off-Road Tax-Free Diesel

Ricochet Fuel offers off-road diesel, also known as tax-free, dyed, or red diesel, for use in construction equipment, generators, refrigerators, and agricultural equipment. Ricochet Fuel can provide tax-free off-road diesel in all size quantities delivered directly to your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

dyed diesel for construction

Texas Dyed Diesel Regulations

For off-road use vehicles only, this diesel can be purchased tax-free since it is not intended for vehicles operated on tax-funded roads. Due to its tax-free nature, states across the nation have extra requirements in order to purchase for both buyers and sellers. Texas has a strict set of requirements for off-road diesel purchases companies must follow.

Do I need a Texas-dyed diesel statement to purchase dyed diesel? Yes, if you are storing dyed diesel in a tank. No, if you are using dyed diesel in a generator or directly in equipment.

Ricochet Fuel also offers on-site fueling, fuel cards, on-site tanks, generator fuel, and emergency fuel

Important Dyed Diesel Forms

8 steps to ordering dyed diesel

Fuel Supply & Tank Rentals

Ricochet Fuel can supply dyed diesel at an on-site tank, at the pump, or by fueling equipment overnight. Ricochet Fuel can provide on-site tanks in various sizes for your job site, yard, and fleet fueling needs.

Need a tank rental for a short-term project? Need long-term capital? Let Ricochet Fuel Tank Rentals help you out.

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Ricochet Fuel will answer any bulk fuel questions you might have and help figure out which services best fit your needs. Give us a call – we are happy to help guide you to the perfect solution!

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