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on-site refuelingWhat is onsite fueling and why should you use it? Also known as wet hosing or mobile fueling, on-site refueling involves a fuel transport delivering fuel directly to equipment and vehicles at a job site, yard, or company location.

On-site refueling is best utilized as an alternative to fuel cards, when there is no space for on-site tanks, or when a company is looking for the convenience of fueling at a number of locations at different times.


Contact the experts at Ricochet Fuel to find out if on-site refueling is right for your company, and start experiencing the convenience and fuel inventory control that it provides. Our experts will provide you with a free fuel assessment to find out how much you can start saving today!

Discover how much you could be saving with our On-Site Refueling Savings Calculator.


FuelingThere are countless variables every time your fleet makes a trip to fuel. From traffic to construction, drivers are rarely in control of the time it takes to get back and forth from the gas station and the worksite.

If your worksite is conveniently located near a fueling station is wet hosing less advantageous? Perhaps. However, consider that miles quickly add up. For some businesses, reducing mileage, as well as the general vehicle wear and tear that goes with, eventually outweighs any additional costs of wet hosing services.

For larger projects utilizing largescale machinery, a trip to fuel is not only inefficient, it is unsafe or impossible.


There are three big questions to ask as you consider whether wet hosing is the best fit for your fleet:

Are there any better alternatives?

Is your worksite fixed and ready for an on-site fuel tank, or is there considerable paperwork to dig through before a tank could be installed? Where is the nearest fueling station and is it readily accessible for your fleet? Eliminating other fueling options will quickly determine if wet hosing is the most logical fit.

What is your project’s timeline?

Little time to spare? Wet hosing services, if booked through a reliable provider, can save you valuable time. At Ricochet Fuel, diesel, gasoline, or oil is delivered in any quantity at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Emergency service is also available. If your timetable is tight, these services are essential to prevent delays.

How important is record-keeping?

If your business has ever struggled with fuel mismanagement, a fuel-distributor controlled service, such as wet hosing, may be worth considering.

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