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Here are some questions we are frequently asked:

Do you deliver roadside fuel to drivers out of gas?

Unfortunately, we can only deliver fuel in bulk quantities.

Does Ricochet Fuel sell to gas stations?


Does Ricochet Fuel service outside of the US?

No, Ricochet Fuel currently only services 30 states in the US.

Does Ricochet Fuel sell tanks?

Yes, Ricochet Fuel sells and rents tanks of all sizes. We even offer free loaner tanks when minimum monthly usage is met.

Do we have a price list?

No, Ricochet Fuel quotes and tailors all information to the customer’s specific needs.

Do I need a Texas dyed diesel statement to purchase dyed diesel?

Yes, if you are storing dyed diesel in a tank. No, if you are using dyed diesel in a generator or directly in equipment.

Does Ricochet Fuel sell branded gasoline?


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