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3/22/2020 Update – Dallas County just announced a shelter in place policy.

Ricochet Fuel is an “essential” business.  This means we are allowed to continue to do what we need to perform and complete our services.

According to the media announcement that just came out, construction is considered an essential business function (just like fuel supply is) and will be allowed to continue functioning as well.

3/15/2020 Update – Fuel supply has not been affected due to Coronavirus. Ricochet Fuel has fuel readily available. Ricochet Fuel foresees no changes to our supply and service in the near future and plans on “keeping you moving” with no disruption. 

We have fuel readily available, are monitoring the situation carefully, and are taking precautions where necessary.

Should any fuel supply disruption become likely, we will make sure you are aware via email, phone call, and our website. As always, our Dispatch team is here for you 24/7, and our Sales team is ready to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Here are some questions we are frequently asked –

Does Ricochet Fuel sell to gas stations? No.

Does Ricochet Fuel service outside of the US? No, Ricochet Fuel currently only services 14 states in the US.

Does Ricochet Fuel sell tanks? Yes, Ricochet Fuel sells and rents tanks of all sizes. We even offer free loaner tanks when minimum monthly usage is met.

Do we have a price list? No, Ricochet Fuel quotes and tailors all information to the customer’s specific needs.

Do I need a Texas dyed diesel statement to purchase dyed diesel? Yes, if you are storing dyed diesel in a tank. No, if you are using dyed diesel in a generator or directly in equipment.

Does Ricochet Fuel we sell branded gasoline? No.

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