Areas Served by Fuel Supplier, Fuel Distributor, and Fuel Wholesaler Ricochet Fuel has expanded its areas served beyond Texas and the southwest! The great service, bulk fuel, and friendly faces you have come to appreciate in our original Texas service area can now be had throughout the United States! And we always provide fuel cards throughout the United States!

Ricochet Fuel can fill your bulk fuel and fuel service needs in the following locations:

Texas Surrounding States

Other States Serviced – Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin

Learn about everything Ricochet Fuel has to offer from our Bulk Fuels and Fuel Services Brochure.

Fueling The Future

  • 24/7 Dispatch & Service
  • Customer First Mindset
  • WBE, SBE, HUB Certified
  • One Call Solution for Fuel
  • Established in 1988