Ricochet Fuel understands that time equals money, and we also understand the difficulties facing fleet managers. You want to reduce costs and overtime all while fleet and transportation fuelincreasing productivity and reliability. Ricochet Fuel fleet cards and wet hosing are the solutions you need.

Fuel Card Benefits

Control – Fuel cards provide the ability to manage and control fuel consumption with gallon and fill limits along with remote card validation and invalidation.

Security – Card Watch is a one-of-a-kind tracking tool that alerts customers via email when a selected card is used – providing card number, gallons, product, date, and time.

Convenience – With more than 55,000 locations nationwide, e-receipts for an entire account that tracks card, account information, and detailed invoicing, and 24/7 customer service, your fuel concerns will be a thing of the past.

Wet Hosing

fuel solutions for your fleetNo need to send employees to the gas station! With Ricochet Fuel wet hosing, or on-site fueling, we bring the fuel truck to you. You will experience no down time and increased productivity while we wet hose (fuel) your equipment overnight at your location. Wet hosing is a great alternative to fuel cards or an on-site tank. Discover why wet hosing is right for your fleet today!

A Penny Saved

Saving a few cents per gallon of gas might not seem like a huge savings, but it adds up over time. Our fuel experts have identified other additional ways you save with fuel cards and wet hosing. Employees frequently do not use the lowest grade of gas available, waste time at the convenience store, and skim gas for personal use.

wet hosing and mobile fueling for your fleetIndustry experts estimate the right fuel solution will save a company $1080 a year per truck! Start saving money – discover fleet cards and wet hosing today!

Ricochet Fuel – We Keep You Moving!

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