Take Control with Fuel Cards

take control with fuel cards Managing your business expenses is more than a full-time job; it’s practically an art. How do you master the craft? Efficiency is key, and a fuel card might be what you need to save time and money.

Instant Alerts and Notifications – One Perk of Many

You can’t manage what you can’t track. To control what your company spends on fuel consumption, you first need accurate, up-to-speed data. Fuel cards excel in this department.

Comprehensive time profiles share essential no-delay data with management through email alerts. These alerts promptly notify customers when, where and how much fuel is purchased with your company’s card. As an added backup, e-receipts double-track every transaction on the entire account, guaranteeing that no savings or expenses are left untracked.

Find Security with a Fuel Card

A ready-to-use, easy-to-use fuel card can seem risky. What happens if these all-too-handy tools fall into the wrong hands or are absentmindedly mismanaged? The smart technology of these 21 st -century cards conquers this concern with three savvy solutions at your disposal:

  1. Set up a “floating pin.” With this feature, the pin number is linked to a vehicle, not a driver. Keep the card in the specified vehicle, instead of under the watch of a potentially forgetful alternating driver.
  2. Suspicious a fuel card is being improperly used? Fast-acting technology has your back. If out-of-character transactions occur, an exception alert is immediately triggered.
  3. Validate or invalidate cards at any time, on any day, using 24-7 online services.

How to Get Started

Using your fuel card is easy:

Both Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) Fuel Cards and FleetWide Fuel Cards are accepted at thousands of locations nationwide. You can easily find these locations using the CFN Mobile Locator, a free smartphone app that shows CFN and FleetWide-accepting locations by using drivers’ GPS coordinates.

To order your fuel card and begin taking advantage of these many perks, contact us for a simple order form. This form, provided by the fuel experts at Ricochet Fuel , allows you to select the extra features that make sense for your company, from odometer reading to predetermined gallon limits.

In no time, you can improve your company’s efficiency—and savings—with fuel cards for your fleet.

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