Behind-The-Scenes: Ricochet Fuel’s WOB certification

Women Owned Business and Fuel Distributor in Dallas, TX Behind-The-Scenes: Ricochet Fuel’s WOB certification

At Ricochet Fuel , exceptional fuel services and fuel equipment is only the start. Several distinct certifications set Dallas’ premier fuel distribution company a notch above the competition. One of these noteworthy badges is Ricochet Fuel’s Woman Owned Business (WOB) certification.

Get a behind-the-scenes peak as to why the WOB matters to Ricochet Fuel and learn what it means for you in today’s blog post.

How WOB works

To become a certified Woman Owned Business, Ricochet Fuel first had to meet a handful of stringent, nationally-mandated requirements. Reviewed each year, these include…

  • being open for business for more than six months
  • showing clear, documented evidence that the company was over-majority woman-owned and managed
  • proving that the company owner was a legal resident alien or U.S. citizen

Ricochet Fuel clearly exceeded the standards: Founded nearly 30 years ago by current owner, Kelly Brett Roberts , WOB certification has been and continues to be a natural and well-deserved fit.

A Hidden Resource

Roberts chose certification through Women’s Business Council Southwest (WBCS), a subset of the larger Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, over 20 years ago.

For the team at Ricochet Fuel, the certification serves as both a pledge and a resource. In addition to recommitting annually to WOB standards, Ricochet Fuel’s certification grants the company access to a dynamic network of business owners and new customers from around the country.

Operations Manager Cass Roberts explained, “We attend monthly lunches, annual trade shows, quarterly events, and we seem to grow our customer base each year.”

These meetings ultimately benefit the customer by enabling Ricochet Fuel to further develop its team to better serve clients’ needs.

For example: “This certification has allowed us to connect with large corporations that have diversity programs within their company that we would not have otherwise been able to connect with,” Roberts said.

Find a source you trust

Ricochet Fuel continually strives to maintain its commitment to service beyond expectation. Distinct self-chosen certifications, such as WOB, are witnesses to the fundamental values of Ricochet Fuel culture.

Headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, Ricochet Fuel is a single source supplier for companies in every industry. For your fuel needs, contact Ricochet Fuel today.

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