2017 Year in Review – Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc.

2017 Year in Review – Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc.
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As the year comes to an end, your premier bulk fuel distributor, Ricochet Fuel, would like to take a moment and reflect on some of the great moments, the team members, customers, and vendors that made 2017 a year to remember.

2017 Women’s Business Enterprise of the Year

Wow! What a way to kick off 2017! Ricochet Fuel was honored to be named 2017 Women’s Business Enterprise of the Year by the Women’s Business Council – Southwest (WBCS). This award recognizes a woman-owned business that exemplifies outstanding business acumen, industry leadership, community service, and a commitment to doing business with fellow WBEs.

“The award is a huge honor and we appreciate all the contributions from our employees, vendors, and great customers. The WBCS is a huge contributor to the strength of our company,” said Kelly Roberts, owner of Ricochet Fuel.

Ricochet Fuel may have received the award, but we could not have been in the running for it without amazing employees, vendors, and customers. Thank you!

Hurricane Season

“Tough times don’t last; tough people do” – said by someone who worked in theTexas fuel industry during Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard and sent most of Texas scrambling for fuel. The entire state of Texas, and beyond, experienced severe fuel shortages when the Gulf Coast refineries shut down due to the hurricane. Texas supply was nonexistent for several days, and once some of the refineries started up, they had trouble regaining full capacity. Transportation of fuel was overwhelmed due to rationed supply and long wait times. Every truck was running at maximum capacity and still the delivery system was heavily stressed.

Again, Ricochet must thank the “all hands-on deck” mentality of our employees, the “willingness to jump through hoops” of our vendors, and the understanding and patience of our customers that helped us get through that trying time.

Team Events

Ricochet Fuel had some new, interesting, and FUN events at the office during 2017.

Because we recorded an unprecedented number of tanks delivered this past June, we celebrated the momentous occasion (and kept it tank related) with our first ever Dunk-Tank-A-Palooza! Employees were given three attempts to sink management and sales team members. Along with the dunk tank fun, employees enjoyed pizza and snow cones.

For many years, Ricochet has taken a break from fuel with A Night at the Races at Lonestar Park. This year we upped the stakes with a team-building contest. Each department – Admin, Ops, and Sales – were given supplies to build a “horse” soap box derby to race down the parking lot hill. Excitement, hijinks, and some betting ensued, but in the end, it was our Ops team that reigned supreme.

Looking Ahead

2018 is a special year – Ricochet Fuel celebrates its 30 th anniversary. Hard to believe we have been doing this for so long, but with amazing team members, outstanding vendors, and great customers, we will be doing it for another 30 years!

Thank you and see you in 2018!

Diesel Essentials for Winter

Winter diesel tips Its been a year since you’ve prepped your fleet for winter, and Ricochet Fuel knows it is easy to overlook proper diesel procedures for cold weather. Today’s post offers a quick and helpful reminder to ensure your diesel vehicle is Ricochet-ready for winter temperatures.

Invest in blended fuel

Gelled equipment is an unwanted discovery any day, let alone a frigid winter morning. Gelling occurs when standard diesel falls at about 15 degrees, although you will likely notice a change in fuel quality already at 20 degrees. Once fuel is gelled, it clogs your truck’s entire fuel system, preventing fuel flow.

Keep your fleet moving by investing in winter-ready diesel. Blended fuels, such as Diesel No. 1 and 2, or anti-gel fuel additivities, combined with Diesel No. 2 during fueling, are key to ensuring proper lubrication during winter. These types of diesel can be used year-round in your vehicle(s). In addition, keep snow away from your tank, and top off your tank daily to prevent condensation.

Use a block heater

A block heater warms the engine, warming and thinning the oil to promote lubrication. Block heaters are common, but so too is forgetting to check that they’re working before the extreme cold arrives. Use this helpful guide to check your block heater today.

Winterize your vehicle

The cold temps can be challenging for more than diesel. Check vehicle seals, windows and doors to ensure your cab is ready for the cold. Give special attention to your fleet’s electrical system, testing your battery, inventing in a second back-up battery, and potentially even scheduling a preseason maintenance check with your dealer for your fleet.

Are you ready for colder temps? Check in with the specialists at Ricochet Fuel to ensure your team is prepared for winter. For more information about diesel and other fuel services, contact Ricochet Fuel today .

Our Fuel Cards Make Your Roadways Safer

Our Fuel Cards Make Your Roadways Safer

At Ricochet Fuel , we are loud and proud about the way our fuel card system has changed the way hundreds of companies manage and lower their fuel costs. With the Ricochet Fuel Card, you can easily monitor employee fuel usage and be fully aware of when and how company dollars are spent on fuel. Our fuel cards give our customers exclusive access to high-quality bulk fuel and the peace of mind that a safe and secure fuel card system ensures.

Meet Serco

Ricochet Fuel Customers, meet Serco , a provider of professional technology and management services and one of our loyal fuel clients. The company has recently been awarded an impressive new contract to provide support for Safety Service Patrol, part of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Austin District. Under this contract, Serco will aim to minimize the duration of traffic incidents by putting the focus on driver safety.

With the help of Ricochet Fuel , Serco will put a fleet of vehicles on the road to provide roadside assistance in the Austin area. Our fuel cards feature tracking services, custom reporting, and in-depth time profiles that help companies like Serco meet their goals every day. And with additional assistance from our official app, CFN Mobile Locator, drivers can easily locate one of 55,000 locations that accept our popular fuel cards.

Ricochet Fuel’s fuel cards are secure and convenient, no matter where the job takes you next. Apply online today .