Fuel Distributor Wins Oncor Omnis Award for Excellence

Award bulk fuel provider in dallas Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc. and its founder, Kelly Roberts, were honored recently with the prestigious Oncor Omnis Supplier Award for Excellence. Held on March 27 th at Eddie Deen’s Ranch in Dallas, TX, Ricochet was one of a select few companies in attendance to be acknowledged at this awards luncheon.

Oncor Omnis Award Recognition Program

According to Oncor’s website, Oncor is committed to Supplier Diversity and hosts this annual awards ceremony to recognize external suppliers, vendors, partners and internal employees for their contributions regarding supporting supplier diversity. Individuals, groups, and business that make significant contributions to Oncor’s Supplier Diversity commitment are acknowledged through the Oncor Omnis Award Recognition Program.

The award Ricochet won, the Omnis Supplier Award for Excellence, is awarded for service excellence, commitment to supplier and workforce diversity, and commitment to community.

Doing Great Things – Together

According to Grace Hastings, Oncor Supplier Diversity Manager –

Award winning bulk fuel supplier During 2013, Oncor conducted a sourcing effort to identify a strategic partner to provide complete fuel management services. Ricochet was selected as Oncor’s supplier from a highly qualified pool. Since that time, Ricochet has supported Oncor by adding several services, including providing bulk high-voltage insulating transformer oil, fleet fuel card management, Oncor onsite fuel equipment, consulting and project management, and formal storm restoration support. Also, since 2016, Ricochet has provided project management oversight and support for Oncor’s onsite fuel replacement project. To date, Ricochet has successfully managed the replacement of onsite fuel equipment at 19 Oncor service centers, added bulk fuel equipment to two facilities, and completed the removal of underground storage tanks at one site. We are excited to wrap up the onsite fuel project during 2018 and 2019.

This work allows Oncor to continue to leverage the strategic and economic benefits of onsite fuel capabilities and provides an opportunity for Ricochet to further develop their business offering for repair, maintenance, and inspection services.

We look forward to continuing our long-term relationship with Ricochet and anticipate that they will continue to be a strategic partner in improving and streamlining processes, securing cost savings, and facilitating Oncor’s commitment to delivering safe and reliable electricity to all its customers.

Ricochet Fuel wins Oncor Omnis Award Kelly Roberts, President and CEO of Ricochet Fuel, had this to say regarding the recent award –

Today, Ricochet Fuel received a prestigious award for excellent supplier service. Mentioned in the ceremony were the many contributions that we made to creating and implementing solutions that resulted in their ability to increase efficiencies in their operations.

We have provided not just fuel, but also transformer oil, equipment repair services and service management, as well as environmental services and compliance. We converted their old fuel equipment to the new modern FuelMaster card readers, and they now can get centralized reporting for their inventory TCEQ reporting. We designed their fueling program to accept the WEX card at their Oncor locations and at the retail locations, providing Oncor with one fuel report for all their fuel use. This created greater visibility for Oncor to track and see where their fuel spend is.

The bottom line is – none of this could be done without our Ricochet Fuel employees. I want to thank all of them for their contribution in making Ricochet a wonderful place to work and an amazing supplier for our many customers. We should all be very proud.

An Award-Winning Fuel Supplier

Congratulations to Ricochet Fuel, Kelly, and all the great employees that make awards like this possible. If you are looking for the same service excellence and supplier commitment, contact Ricochet Fuel today and discover how they can be your strategic partners when it comes to bulk fuels, services, and fuel solutions for your company.

Save Time and Money with a Job Site Fuel Project Manager

on site fuel for construction Construction companies that use an off-site fuel project manager save money. The reason is, they have an easier time keeping their fuel bills within budget. That is especially important when you have large crews. Controlling fuel costs can make a difference. It could mean coming in on budget or losing money.

How to Save Time with a Fuel Project Manager

Having a fuel project manager helps keep your crew on site and working. In any business and especially construction, any downtime eats into profit. Although it might not take very long to gas a truck up, it still takes time. A few minutes here and there adds up to hours over a month. That is especially true when you have a large staff.

What Is Wet Hosing And How Can It Save You Time?

Wet hosing is also known as on-site fueling or mobile fueling. It’s one of the most efficient methods. That’s because fuel is delivered directly to the vehicles or equipment.

Where space is limited, it’s a great alternative to on-site fuel tanks. Regardless, nothing saves more time than having the fueling done for you. Plus, you can take advantage of delivery during off hours.

There’s a real advantage to having all vehicles and equipment already gassed up. Then, when your crew arrives in the morning, they get off to a fast start.

How On-Site Tanks Can Save You Time Too

You never want expensive, heavy equipment idle because you ran short on fuel. By having on-site tanks , you can keep your construction crews working. Whether you need permanent tanks for your main operation or containers for a job site, having fuel readily available speeds up any job.

Plus, with remote tank level monitoring , you’ll never run out of fuel.

How to Save Money with a Fuel Project Manager

Simply said, you can save money if you add controls and monitoring systems. By putting in high-tech yet manageable systems, you will be able to:

  1. Track fuel costs
  2. Cut Waste
  3. Minimize Theft

That adds up to more profit for you.

Fleet fueling is a smart solution for road construction crews and service contractors. That is especially true for workers such as

  • Residential construction contractors
  • Plumbing contractors
  • Electrical service contractors
  • Landscaping companies

And, fleet cards are the answer if they’re set up correctly . That means you have to have controls in place. For example, if your average service contractor fills up two times a week, they’ll need special authorization for a third fill up. Along with that, only fuel products are covered. That means you’re not paying for candy, coke, or snacks hidden within your fuel bill.

Ricochet Fuel has been a leading fuel provider since 1988. We service Texas and 13 other states and can provide fuel cards nationwide.

Contact Ricochet Fuel today to find out how we can meet your bulk fuel needs.

10 Tips on Finding the Best Bulk Fuel Provider

bulk fuel distributor in texas Five Things To Look For in Your Bulk Fuel Supplier

  1. Remote monitoring is vital, so you never run out of fuel. Often, this service is included for free . Also look for fuel monitoring at your job site to track department or individual usage.
  2. Fuel delivery for equipment during off hours is a must on a busy work site. Make sure you have control over scheduling. Having this one service can increase your bottom line and keep your crew working.
  3. Emergency delivery before, during, and after an emergency is critical. Make sure this is available with the fuel provider before signing up. Also, find out when your generators can be topped off.
  4. Knowledge of Federal, State , and local regulations indicates a legitimate company. Laws and rules change. Your supplier has to be up-to-date so your jobs don’t get slowed down or shut down by red tape.
  5. Aboveground storage tanks ( ASTs ) are easy to test and best for safe fuel storage. Make sure your provider examines them on a regular schedule. That ensures safety and proper operation.

Five Things to Avoid with Fuel Services

  1. Running out of fuel can slow down or halt your job. That is true for both diesel fuel and diesel exhaust , so make sure your provider monitors your supplies 24/7.
  2. Water in fuel can result in damage to your fuel system. Storage tanks need to be maintained to prevent water penetration.
  3. Unawareness of all safety regulations is a red flag. That includes making sure single-walled tanks have a secondary containmen t system.
  4. Price gouging during emergency situations like hurricanes is unacceptable. In times of disasters, that’s when you need fuel prices to be stable. Although prices go up naturally with the increased demand, anything above and beyond that should not be occuring.
  5. Outdated bulk storage containers are unsafe and have the high possibility of discharging. Make sure your tanks are up-to-date and maintained regularly.

Having a bulk fuel provider you can depend on is vital to your operations. Since 1988, Ricochet Fuel has been a leading provider. We service Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. We offer delivery of On-Road Diesel , Off-Road Tax-Free Diesel , Gasoline , Bio-Diesel & Biofuel , Propane , Diesel Exhaust Fluid , Oil, Lubricants, Kerosene, Antifreeze & Supplies .

Contact Ricochet Fuel today to find out how we can meet your bulk fuel needs.