How To Work with Your Bulk Fuel Provider After The Hurricane

Hurricane aftermath and your bulk fuel supply

The hurricane is over. Now recovery begins. Since businesses can’t survive without fuel, it’s important to review how your company did in regards to your bulk fuel needs.

To Recover From Any Hurricane – Businesses Need Bulk Fuel

Even though the hurricane has passed, there can still be fuel shortages for weeks. It’s important to keep in regular contact with your bulk fuel supplier to understand any supply issues. Also, stay ahead of fuel ordering throughout recovery.

In some instances, supply can be affected for days after landfall. Continue the same “AT landfall” practices.

Invoices from your fuel suppliers may be delayed. Coordinate internally to ensure you still pay your suppliers on time.

After Your Business Recovers From The Hurricane

It’s time to recap your hurricane service with your fuel providers. Here are a few questions to ask yourself and bulk fuel supply hurricane prep check list your staff.

  • Did you have enough fuel before, during, and after the disaster?
  • As a fuel customer, what could you have done better?
  • Under the circumstances, was your provider easy to work with?
  • Would you feel confident using them in another storm?

If engaged, how did your backup suppliers perform?

Once you and your staff answer these questions, you may need to Identify additional fuel suppliers.

Were You Left High and Dry by Your Fuel Provider?

Most suppliers work hard to provide fuel for their customers and offer honest pricing. But, if you were not happy with your service during the emergency, you should shop for an alternative bulk fuel provider. Even though nobody likes it, during a disaster it’s normal that prices will increase and delivery quantities will decrease. That is not price gouging.

Taking advantage of a bad situation for monetary gain is price gouging. If you feel your fuel provider’s pricing was dishonest, it’s only fair that you find out for sure. See what other suppliers were charging and compare it to your invoices. That way you can make a decision based on the numbers.

Ricochet is Here to Help

Now that the disaster is over, it’s time to give thanks and help your community recover. Ricochet Fuel is proud to be part of your community for over 30 years. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your bulk fuel needs.

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