The Hurricane Is Coming – Is Your Business Ready?

bulk fuel supply when hurricanes hit You’ve been watching the news, and the hurricane is definitely on its way. The one thing you don’t want to run out of is bulk fuel. Be ready and prepare for:

  • Higher prices
  • Longer lead times for fuel delivery
  • Limited fuel allocation
  • Limited delivery availability
  • Longer wait times at rack
  • Fewer deliveries

Heres’ what to do during hurricane formation, before landfall, and at landfall.

During Hurricane Formation – Time For Double & Triple Checks

Review your hurricane fueling procedures (Business Continuity Plan – BCP or other checklists). Perform an equipment check – ensure all pumps, PMs, etc. are functioning properly.

Make sure you have backup equipment available if the in-service equipment fail. For example, you should have replacement pumps for fuel tanks, backup batteries, and hand-pumps for fuel drum use. And most importantly, don’t forget to top off all emergency generators.

Before Hurricane Landfall – Top Off Your Fuel Tanks

Schedule your fuel service provider immediately to top off all tanks once again. Do this no matter what percent full the tanks are. Once the hurricane makes landfall, deliveries could stretch out for days – you will not be looking at standard delivery windows. Call your fuel supplier and:

  • Order fuel service for emergency generators or remote locations
  • Have them top off drums or fuel cans at the same time
  • Make sure you have designated personnel contacts for each of your locations
  • Update your supplier with any changes to your emergency contacts
  • Discuss any obstacles that may hinder delivery such as road closures
  • Suggest alternate routes to access your tanks if needed

Along with higher fuel prices and delayed deliveries, supply issues and fuel distribution logistics can cause additional complications. Be sure to stay in close communication with your fuel supplier. Understand that they are doing their best under stressful circumstances.

Have an internal discussion with your personnel to set realistic expectations. Everyone should prepare for extended lead times on fuel deliveries.

During this time (when you’re waiting for the hurricane to land) ETA updates and set delivery times are generally not available or next to impossible. So many things are impacting logistics, truck time, traffic, etc.

  • Be flexible with the delivery schedule
  • Allow for late evening and even overnight fueling
  • Prepare or and expect smaller, more frequent loads

Be willing to accept substitute product during this time. For example, you may receive On-Road Diesel instead of Dyed Diesel or Regular Unleaded instead of Premium.

bulk fuel supply during a hurricane or emergency At Hurricane Landfall – Get More Fuel Delivered ASAP

Even though you probably just topped off all your tanks, schedule service immediately to top off all tanks again no matter how full they are.

You want to have a delivery scheduled since you may have to wait for days. Just like before landfall, top of emergency generators, drums, and fuel cans.

Above, stay in close communication with your fuel supplier or suppliers.

How Ricochet Customers Can Prepare

Call our office and make sure your account is in good financial standing

Place your orders earlier than usual to stay ahead of the curve

Make sure you get bulk fuel before landfall fill your tanks beforehand

Communicate to all of your staff about how the hurricane can impact your fuel delivery

Be flexible with delivery times and windows.

Be able to accept loads of fuel during the evenings

Be patient because everyone is stretched

For before, during or after a hurricane, Contact Ricochet Fuel for all of your fueling needs.

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