How Fuel Management Saves Concrete Contractors Big Money

fuel management for the concrete industry

construction industry on site fuelFor any concrete contractor – one of their major costs is fuel. With both gasoline and diesel costs constantly fluctuating, planning and conservation is a must. Otherwise, you could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Read on to find out how you can effectively manage your construction equipment fuel usage and labor costs.

Fuel Efficiency Designed for Cement Contractors

Let’s start at the basics: fuel consumption can be measured in many different ways. For example, most long-haul trucking companies estimate how much diesel they use by miles per gallon (MPG).

But in the concrete industry, it isn’t that easy. Since much of the time, the mixer truck is idling while it mixes the concrete, calculating usage by miles per gallon doesn’t give an accurate picture.

A smarter way to measure fuel usage is by actually measuring productivity. For example, for concrete contractors they could measure tons of concrete delivered divided by the number of gallons used. Since time idling can consume a significate amount of fuel, this calculation takes that into account. Measuring tons of concrete delivered and comparing that to fuel costs gives an actual productivity statistic as well as a financial one.

How Cement Contractors Can Save on Labor Costs

The second thing to manage is employee costs. In this equation, you should not only count the cost of fuel, but also all of your labor costs. For example, if your foreman is taking time off the job to gas up, you’re wasting big bucks. Even if you use a few of your lower paid workers to fill up the truck, you’re still paying them hourly in addition to the fuel costs.

Compare that to having Ricochet fuel deliver your fuel and fill up your fleet. With wet hosing your ready-mix cement trucks can be fueled and ready to go when the first worker arrives. So, you’ll be able to save time and money as well as having a better idea of how much your fuel costs will be through the month.

Fuel Efficiency Starts with Good Systems

To start tracking usage, you have to have an efficient system. When you utilize a fuel management company like Ricochet Fuel, tracking becomes, more straightforward and, you can save money on your fuel and diesel. We can tell you how much fuel your company is using down to the last truck and employee.

Also, using fleet management services leverages your time and money by doing what you do best and leaving fuel management to the experts.

concrete industry bulk fuel optionsCustom Solutions for the Ready-Mix Industry

Best of all you have options like

  • On-site fuel delivery with wet-hosing
  • On-site storage tanks to have fuel available 24/7
  • Gas cards for employees so they can fill up when needed

Whatever options you choose, each one can be customized for your particular needs. For example, if you’d like fleet fuel cards, we can program them with fuel amount limits while also making sure they won’t be available for use on incidentals like candy bars and red bulls.

If we fill up your fleet at your site, we’ll be able to track MPG, amount used, and also let you know when regular maintenance is due.

Let Ricochet Fuel Save You Money and Time

Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc. has been supplying bulk fuel to the concrete industry since 1988. We proudly service Texas and the surrounding states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. We’d like to make you one of our satisfied customers too. For your bulk fuel needs contact Ricochet Fuel today.

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