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ECLIPSE ALERT—Solar Eclipse Event Information

For April 8 2024

Reposted with permission from Texas Food & Fuel Association.



Eclipse County Disaster Declarations as of March 25, 2024

Various traditional media outlets are estimating Texas is expecting upwards of 1 million visitors for the Eclipse Event on April 8, 2024.  While these are estimates, recent Eclipse events have been used to “model” the potential “eclipse travelers” for this event.  In addition, with large populations (i.e. Greater Houston, 7.5 million) and Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex within a few hours’ drive to the Path of the Eclipse, it is hard, if not impossible, to estimate where the greatest number of “eclipse travelers” will travel to with any accuracy.

To ensure you are prepared for the influx of visitors and potential traffic congestion, be sure to communicate with everyone in your operations about the coming Eclipse event on April 8, 2024.  This includes fuel suppliers, terminals, common carriers, wholesale end-user customers, retailer customers and your company personnel.



Here’s a quick list of issues members should be considering for the event: 

  1. Identify what locations or operations you have in the counties listed above.
  2. Within these counties, are there plans for any type of “eclipse celebration” or public viewing areas being promoted?  Examples of this are Fredericksburg, Dripping Springs, Kerrville, etc. If you operate retail outlets within one of the counties listed above, check if any local Eclipse Events are going to be held.  If so, depending on where the event location(s) are located, are you located on a Major or Primary State Highway in proximity to the event.
  3. Check the local Municipal and County websites to determine if there are planned local road closures or declared Emergency or Disaster Declarations for the Eclipse Event.  A list of public events is provided by TxDOT.  This list may not be a complete list so check any local municipal or county websites to verify any public events in your areas of operations.
  4. TxDOT is planning to suspend any repair or construction activity statewide on the day of the event to keep as many lanes open as possible.
  5. Communicate with your commercial and industrial customers to explain the potential disruption to delivery during this time. Ideally, try to move up regular deliveries to avoid having to try transport supplies on April 8th or 9th.
  6. Communicate with ANY Critical Infrastructure and First Responders accounts you currently supply about their fuel needs for the weekend of April 6th & 7th and get those deliveries completed by the start of the weekend.
  7. Retailers should consider stocking up on inventory of water and other popular food items in your store(s). Communicate with your store personnel to ensure a full shift of employees is available. Many general goods retailers may be closed or have shortened operations on April 8th.
  8. If you supply retail outlets within a county listed above, contact your dealers to encourage them to fully maximize their UST storage. This is especially important for retailers located on Major or Primary State Highways which travel to and from the Eclipse’s path.

Here are links to more information on public events for the Eclipse Event from TxDOT.
Please assume this list does not include every public event.  If you live in an area not listed below, please check with your local government websites to verify events in your areas of operations.


Youth Art Show

“Janet’s Planet”

TX Solar Eclipse Fest

Eclipse of the Flowers

Total Eclipse of the Pub

Viewing of Solar Eclipse

Eclipseboro Wine and Art Walk

Total Eclipse Festival

Texclipse Music Festival

Totality Eclipse at Schreiner University


Texas Lions Camp Eclipse Celebration

Eclipse 2024 at The Ridge Marketplace

Solar Rodeo 2024

Historic Eclipse Viewing Party

Solar Eclipse in the Park

903 Sun Sets: Kevin Fowler in Concert

Eclipse Watch Parties

Total Solar Eclipse at the Library

Total Solar Eclipse Viewing Event

Totality Tyler

Solar Eclipse on the Square

Eclipse Over Texas: Live from Waco

Reposted with permission from Texas Food & Fuel Association.

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