5 Advantages of Fuel Delivery for the Refrigeration Industry

fuel management for the refrigeration industryBusinesses all around the country including growers, producers, manufacturers, beverage companies, and food retailers rely on refrigerated trucks for effective product delivery and food quality. Year round, trucks and trailers that are temperature-controlled are in demand to keep perishable products fresh before, during transit, and after delivery. To keep your fleet running and save money at the same time here are the top five reasons you should consider fuel delivery from Ricochet Fuel.

Save Time at the Pump
The primary way to save on fuel is to have it delivered directly to your vehicle.  As you might imagine, a refrigeration truck consumes quite a bit more fuel than a standard truck. Since most refrigeration machinery is directly driven from the engine, you don’t want to waste valuable time driving to the pump. Plus, refrigeration machinery and the insulation material found in a refrigerated truck is usually very heavy and can add a considerable amount of weight to the vehicle even when it is empty. So, every extra mile not delivering a product is wasting money.

Reduce Down Time
For the fast-moving food industry, keeping these trailers cold and running without interruption is crucial. Ricochet Fuel Distributors specializes in refrigerated truck fuel delivery. We service trailers all year and especially during the holidays. With convenient wet-hose fuel delivery, you can make sure perishable items like frozen turkeys,  holiday hams, dairy products, frozen pies, and fresh flowers are delivered on time and stay cold. Ricochet is available to manage entire fuel supply chains for retailers. Also, we can incorporate several
elements like generator fueling, on-site fueling, fleet fueling, and even the delivery and set up of onsite fuel tanks to ensure maximum efficiency and operability for you.

Take Control of your Delivery Schedule
If you’re considering renting or leasing a refrigeration trailer over a long period, make sure you have a diesel refueling plan for its power unit.

Whether you are

  • holding an outdoor event or food festival
  • using a refrigerated truck for an ice cream delivery
  • a busy seasonal or year-round florist business
  • or even renovating a busy restaurant kitchen

Having a fuel plan in place will help you stay on schedule. Ricochet understands how critically important refueling these refrigerated trailers on time is. We are available 24/7 and can refuel on a plan that works for you.

Protect Your Perishables
Refrigeration trucks range in size and purpose from small and simple ice cream trucks to large containers carrying tons of perishable goods across the nation. All specialty truck drivers are required to deliver perishable cargo in perfect condition.  The refrigerated units must be pre-cooled before loading goods to ensure a stable and correct temperature. Additionally, many goods require refrigeration before the final delivery. Not only does that include food products, but it also applies to medical supplies, plasma, blood, computers, and photography supplies.

Ricochet provides reliable and affordable refrigerated truck fueling. Our trucks will deliver to your location and by appointment.  We have been fueling refrigerated units for over 30 years and can help you determine your estimated usage for your refueling purposes.  Our staff can take the worry out of keeping your refrigerated trucks and vans running smoothly.

Less Wear and Tear on Your Trucks

Of course, the amount of fuel your fleet consumes and maintenance required can vary dramatically depending on the type of trucks you have. But, the size is an essential factor. Larger vehicles have more weight so of course will require more fuel to move than smaller ones. The efficiency of the engine is also an influential element of the refrigerated truck’s fuel consumption. Many of the latest refrigerated trucks have some type of energy saving technology to help lower the amount of fuel. No matter what kind of refrigeration vehicle you have or the age of the truck, having fuel delivered will save you money on maintenance.

With over 30 years of experience and hundreds of truck fleets throughout the United States, we know on-site fleet fueling saves thousands of dollars in labor and increases productivity. Ricochet provides high-quality diesel fuel delivery right to your trucks’ and equipment fuel tanks. Either at your job site or location. The efficiency of our custom designed fuel delivery service provides a seamless and almost invisible service to you. Your drivers and trucks can spend more time on the road, delivering your products, rather than wasting costly time at a crowded fuel island.

Ricochet Fuel can provide diesel fuel delivery directly into your vehicles, tanks or equipment 24 hours every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, on a schedule that best fits your operation.

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