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    2018 Year in Blog Review

    The Ins and Outs of Kerosene Since winter is one of the more common times of the year to use kerosene, we’d like to share some tips.  As you know, almost all appliances, equipment, machines, and vehicles today operate on electricity, diesel fuel or gasoline.  In winter as well as times of need, don’t forget about […]

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    Antifreeze & Coolant – Questions & Answers

    In the wintertime especially, we get lots of questions about which antifreeze to use. Gone are the days of coolant being a predictable green color. Today if you go into a well-stocked auto parts store, you’ll be confronted by a spectrum of choices. What’s the best? Why all the choices? Read on to find out […]

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    The Need-to-Know: Ethanol-Free Gas

    Ethanol is made from corn and has been around since 1908. In fact, it even fueled the first Model T. And before that, ethanol was one of the components in moonshine whiskey, so it’s nothing new. Recently more consumers have been requesting ethanol-free fuel. To understand why let’s review some fuel history. Before 2003, MTBE […]