Ricochet Fuel 2019 Blog Year in Review #1-#5

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We don’t know about you, but Ricochet Fuel is ready to hit the ground running with the arrival of 2020! We will continue to post great, informative content on our website and bring it straight to you.

Before we jump into 2020, let’s look back on the top 10 visited blogs we posted in 2019!

This week we will look at 1-5 and next week we will look at 6-10.

The Facts About Fuel Expansion and Contraction
When you buy fuel, whether it’s gasoline or diesel, you probably never give a thought to what it does in different temperatures. Most consumers and even businesses don’t know that it expands and contracts depending upon how hot or cold the weather is. Whether you live in Texas or Missouri, read on to find out more.

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The Need-To-Know: Ethanol-Free Gas
Ethanol is made from corn and has been around since 1908. In fact, it even fueled the first Model T. And before that, ethanol was one of the components in moonshine whiskey, so it’s nothing new.

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Dyed Diesel – Frequently Asked Questions
At Ricochet Fuel Distributors, we get questions about dyed diesel almost every day. That’s probably because people want to save money on their fuel costs. But they don’t want to get in trouble. So, that’s where the confusion begins. Let’s start with our most common questions.

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What is Skimming at the Gas Pump?
If you don’t know what skimming at the gas pump is now, you will by the end of this blog. Before writing this article, even the staff at Ricochet wasn’t aware of how much skimming goes on. To educate our readers, we decided to dive into this topic and share with you the top articles from across the US.

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All About Dyed Diesel – An A to Z Guide
At Ricochet Fuel, we get a lot of questions about the off-road fuel called dyed diesel – also known as red diesel. This A to Z guide ties together our earlier articles and includes information from government resources to help you understand the system and avoid penalties.

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