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Making the most of your fleet cards is crucial, regardless of petrol prices, economic situations, or the health of your business. Since vehicles, trucks, and vans are costly assets, you want to get the most of their use and make sure they’re still in top operational shape when it comes time to retire or sell them. 

The necessity to indulge in maximizing truck fleet lifespan is becoming more apparent due to the problems with the global supply chain. To help you get the most of your assets, we’ve put up a handy list of things you can do.

Problems with the global supply chain

China, which is still recovering from the epidemic, accounts for the majority of Asia’s supply, while the United States accounts for the majority of the world’s demand. As a result, there are now more conflicts amongst international trade routes, which is causing shortages in every aspect of the global supply chain, from raw materials to animal feed to automobiles. 

To make matters worse, COVID-19 lockdowns caused training and testing for truck drivers to stop for over two years. This causes a scarcity of certified drivers on top of the shortage of vehicles that fleet managers deal with. 

It’s crucial to inculcate actions that help in prolonging truck fleet life so you can keep operating your business, as fleets’ capacity to buy new cars is still restricted.

Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Truck Fleet

Truck fleet longevity tips

Adhere to a maintenance plan

Maintaining a regular routine for your fleet cards is one of the best methods to increase their longevity. As advised by the manufacturer, this entails inspecting and changing the tires, brakes, belts, hoses, fluids, filters, and other parts. You may save costly repairs, identify issues early, and prevent failures with the use of a maintenance routine. You may keep track of and document your maintenance tasks and reminders using a spreadsheet or fleet management software.

Examine the tires

Tires are excellent vehicle indicators. Where the rubber hits the road is the first place to examine if the alignment is incorrect or the handling is subpar. A check-up is needed when irregular wear appears in increasing truck fleet durability. Postponing tire maintenance might result in more serious problems later on. Examine your tires every day to help prevent issues with your car.

Custom vehicle inspection reports are possible with Ricochet Fuel’s maintenance management system, as we have previously said. 

Observe the advised service guidelines

It is imperative that your fleet vehicles have routine maintenance and servicing tailored to trucks. Make sure you use factory-approved parts and fluids and consult the owner’s handbook for each vehicle to establish the suggested servicing schedule. Over time, this will increase a fleet’s lifespan and boost its general efficiency. 

The suspension and brakes are impacted by parts such as the air compressor. As directed by the manufacturer for the specific make and model, all filters and fluids must be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. The rather low cost of regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your fleet cards by many years.

Be a responsible operator

Operating a vehicle with care is the most effective approach such as fuel for fleet longevity to prolong its life, although this may not come as a surprise. Additionally, giving the engine enough time to fully warm up before each journey is part of this. Make sure to start up any seldom used vehicles or equipment and get the moving parts moving at least once a week.

One effective strategy to break bad driving behaviors is to monitor driver behavior. Fleet managers can use the useful information provided by GPS and other data-gathering gear to develop policies governing the use of business cars. 

Reduce check-in calls and enhance customer service by sharing ETAs, pinpointing precise places, and receiving real-time updates using Ricochet Fuel’s assistance.


The gasoline pumps and injectors can be lubricated. They are able to function at their best for longer because of this.

Because diesel fuel is better lubricated, it can withstand the high power requirements of contemporary vehicles.

Cetane Amplifiers

The quality of your diesel fuel’s ignition is called cetane. Stated differently, it might be compared to gasoline’s octane equivalent.

The gasoline is more effective when it has more cetane. As a result, it benefits the engine and eventually keeps your truck in excellent condition.

Final Words – Modernize your automobiles

Adding new features and technology to your fleet cards is a sixth strategy to make them last longer. You may enhance your car’s functionality, safety, comfort, and efficiency by updating it, and it will also ensure that it complies with current laws and regulations

To improve performance and lower emissions, you may also modify your cars’ engines, gearboxes, suspensions, and brakes with Ricochet Fuel’s assistance as a part of fuel Maximize fleet lifespan. You can prolong the life of your cars and maintain your competitiveness in the market by updating them.

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