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Ricochet fuel

Dallas-based Ricochet Fuel keeps you moving with fuel options for projects of all types and sizes, including biodiesel fuel.

What is biodiesel, and how might this alternative kick your fleet into high gear? Learn more about this fuel of the future in today’s blog post.

A smart alternative

Instead of petroleum, biodiesel is fuel made from natural oils, like those from plants or animals. This fuel alternative is used by fleets in Dallas and nationwide for three primary reasons:

  1. It burns clean.

Biodiesel production leaves out petroleum, meaning this alternative fuel burns clean, improving air quality and, ultimately, diminishing fuel’s negative impact on the environment.

  1. Energy security matters.

The United States depends on foreign countries for its petroleum, with nearly a quarter of petroleum imported annually. Biodiesel fuel production, meanwhile, occurs domestically, eliminating dependency elsewhere and creating jobs closer to home.

  1. Improve your vehicle’s fuel lubricity.

Biodiesel fuel can improve the fuel lubricity in your truck or car. This lubricity is essential to keep your vehicle from expensive wear and tear.

Find the right blend

Biodiesel is mixed with diesel to create a blend. B2 refers to 2% biodiesel, 5 refers to 5% biodiesel; B10 refers to 10%, and so on.

To start using biodiesel in your fleet, you’ll want to check with your vehicle user manual and talk to a fuel expert at Ricochet Fuel. Most vehicles readily approve blends up to B5. Older vehicles may require new fuel filters to adapt to the change.

Since biodiesel has recently boomed in popularity, newer vehicles are best equipped for the biodiesel-petroleum mix.

Get started today

Make a smart choice for your fleet, your country, and the environment: Choose biodiesel fuel for a cleaner, more renewable option. To learn more, contact Ricochet Fuel today. With 30 years’ experience, Dallas-based Ricochet Fuel is equipped and ready to customize your biodiesel kit.

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