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Dyed diesel is a no-brainer for off-roaders who want to save cash. As rules and regulations continue to shift, finding and responsibly using red-dyed diesel in Texas may seem overwhelming.

To start: Don’t let the red tape intimidate you. If you drive an off-road vehicle, the very real financial perks of dyed diesel make it worth the extra steps.

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Dyed Diesel 101

The price you pay for fuel includes taxes used for road maintenance and upkeep. Why does this matter? Dyed diesel is intended for off-road vehicles that do not need to be taxed because they are not using tax-funded roads. Red dye is added to clearly differentiate if the fuel is taxed or untaxed. Otherwise, the fuels are the same.

The lower price of red dyed diesel is understandably enticing for consumers. That’s why states, including Texas, have extra requirements for both sellers and buyers. These checkmarks ensure that drivers don’t try to avoid taxes by using the cheaper fuel in on-road vehicles.

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3 Rules to Red-Dyed Diesel

Follow these three simple guidelines to guarantee you meet Texas regulations to use dyed diesel:

1. Ensure you fit the bill

Dyed diesel fuel is only meant for construction equipment, generators, reefers or refrigerators, and agricultural equipment.

From losing your job to being charged sky-high fines, there are ample reasons you should not risk using red dyed-fuel in anything but your off-road vehicle.

2. Fill out the proper forms

There are three main forms you may be asked to complete if you purchase dyed diesel:

  1. All first-time users must complete a simple registration form.
  2. You also may be asked to put into writing that you understand, as the buyer, that the red diesel you are purchasing is strictly for off-road purposes.

And for regular dyed-diesel users:

  1. If you use more than 10,000 gallons of dyed diesel, you must complete paperwork to become a Bonded User.

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3. Choose only the best

Texas law requires dyed diesel fuel to meet certain specifications. These include everything from the type of dye to how it is injected into the fuel.

Why does this mean for you? These requirements are in place to ensure the consumer receives the high-quality fuel they have paid for. Dyed diesel that’s been tampered with is dangerous to both your wallet and your vehicle. It’s also illegal. Avoid an unwanted situation by choosing to buy dyed diesel fuel from a source that you trust.

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