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The reputation of landscaping companies all around the country depends on reliable servicing. Receiving excellent service on time is especially important to large accounts such as golf courses, government properties, and big estates. To be the best landscaping company in your market, the key is keeping your fleet running on time while saving money.  Here are the top three reasons you should consider fuel delivery from Ricochet Fuel.

Reduce Wasted Time
For the competitive landscaping industry, keeping your fleet of trucks running without interruption is crucial. Ricochet Fuel Distributors specializes in fuel delivery for landscapers. We service fleets year-round. With our convenient wet-hose fuel delivery, you can make sure your crew is ready to go as soon as they arrive to work. Depending upon your needs, we can create the perfect fuel delivery system for you with a combination of onsite fuel tanks, fleet fueling, and on-site fueling.

Fuel delivery saves you money on labor costs. For example, what if four of your employees stop to gas up. Just when they’re ready to leave, someone needs to go to the restroom. After that, someone else decides to run in to get a drink and a snack. It’s not unheard of to waste an hour (times four employees). That adds up fast and increases your labor costs substantially. If your crew is gassing up 3 times a week, you could be wasting 12 hours a week in payroll. At $14 an hour, you could easily be losing $200 in payroll and employee taxes.

Take Control of your Route
One of the most significant advantages of wet-hose fuel delivery is that you have an accurate record of mileage driven and the fuel used. Add to that efficient scheduling of your route, and you’ve just reduced your fueling and labor costs even more. For example, if you have a substantial number of mowing jobs, make sure you don’t waste time driving to a lawn 20 minutes away. Schedule your route, so the lawns being mowed are within 10 to 12 minutes of each other. That way you will be able to tightly control the revenue generated by each truck and crew and make sure your fueling costs stay in line.

Another way to save time is to have onsite fuel tanks to fill any equipment like blowers and edgers. Having every piece of equipment ready to go each morning will increase your bottom line.

Along with saving money on fuel, make sure your crew is using a good up-to-date GPS to find the fastest way to the job each day. If you operate in a big city, it’s imperative to know where the traffic jams are so you can take another route. Every minute in traffic wastes gas and labor costs.

Having the right fuel plan will help you stay on schedule. Ricochet knows how important keeping your landscaping fleet running is. We can refuel on a plan that works for you, 24/7.

Gain More Business
As an owner of a landscaping business, when you run a tight schedule with your crews arriving at the job on time like clockwork everyone is happier. Employees appreciate predictable work environments and are happiest when they are most productive. That satisfaction will spill over to your customers whether they are homeowners or large corporations.

Ricochet provides reliable and affordable landscaping vehicle fueling. Our trucks can deliver right to your location either on a specific schedule or by appointment.  We have been servicing landscaping companies for more than 30 years. We are here to help you save money and time.

Ricochet Fuel can provide diesel fuel delivery directly into your vehicles, tanks, or equipment 24 hours every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, on a schedule that best fits your operation.

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