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When you think of bulk fueling, you probably get the idea of fuel delivered on a schedule and that your business has to be of a specific size. Well, although that can be true – what you might not know about is Ricochet Fuel’s one-time or no commitment fuel purchases. Read on to find out how this one-time fueling option can be right for you and your business.

Fueling for Contractors
One-Time Fueling for Contractors

Although many contractors have heard about bulk fuel services that deliver on a regular schedule, they don’t know about the option for one-time fuel delivery. That is an option that all contractors big and small should consider.

Fueling for Contractors

For example, if you’re working on a remote job site or one that has a lot of gas or diesel equipment, spot fueling can save you hours.

Having your vehicles and equipment fueled up when the crew is off is a smart way to get everyone working the next day quickly.

You can call and order a one-time delivery and schedule it at a time that’s convenient for you.

One-Time Fueling for New Fleets

If you’ve just purchased a new fleet of vehicles but are disappointed at the meager amount of gas in each tank, don’t let that get you down. For example, maybe your school district just received a delivery of new school buses. One-time fueling can make sure all those tanks are full on the first day of school. Consider this fueling for:

When the new fleet arrives, call for a spot fueling. That way, when your staff receives their new appointed vehicle – it has a full tank.

One-Time Fueling for Special Events

Many special events need reliable power under all sorts of unusual circumstances. If you’re in charge of logistics, and you’re wondering how to get the fuel to where you need it efficiently and safely consider one-time spot fueling.


Do you have a special event coming up that you’ll require fuel? A one-time delivery could be beneficial and perfect for:

Fuel Purchases for Large Generators
Power Generation

Where and whenever you need large generators, you can also call for no-commitment fuel purchase. One-time fueling of generators is perfect for:

One-Time Fueling Advantages

The top two benefits of one-time fueling are:

  1. Convenience
  2. No long-term commitment

Those two things alone can take the stress out of the planning of a big event. And having a local bulk fuel provider that you can trust and knows the area, makes the delivery run smooth and on-time.

Bulk Fueling Advantages

With bulk fueling, you receive the value-added benefits of free tank rental with minimum usage. You can also take advantage of free remote monitoring, so you’re never empty. Plus, you’ll get lockboxes for added protection.  Our long-term fueling might be the best value and option around!

Ricochet’s spot fueling gives you the flexibility to order fuel as needed with no obligation based on daily pricing.

Along with Ricochet’s excellent service, dispatch, and supply, customers can choose from long-term or one-time fueling. Contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of all Ricochet has to offer.

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